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Mar 1, 2010 06:22 PM

seems to be a good time for lobsters

Just a heads-up, last two weeks in a row I bought lobsters from T&T in Richmond and they were the best I've had in a while. Very very sweet, chock full of meat and very fat. $9.99 and $10.99 / lb depending on sale or not. I'm guessing they must be fresh out of the ocean as opposed to sitting in tanks for a few months. Is it lobster season now?

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  1. Google tells me that the season is April/May/June(?). Also - lobsters are often farmed in pens so the "season" is year round.

    I also know that the price of lobsters crashed at around the same time as the recession started - so they could be related. Another theory is that it's King Crab season - so the price of lobster is affected...once again - it's just my theory.

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      I know they are often kept in pens but I have a feeling they don't eat much while they are in there; their claws are banded so they don't rip each other apart. This would explain why I've sometimes had lobsters that are mostly water with not much meat inside; if they've been sitting in a pen for 3 months they would get hungry. These were *exceptionally* fat and sweet; hence I assume recently out of the ocean. I might have to go get another to check the first two weren't a fluke :)

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        Went back for another and it was crap. A shell filled mostly with water, with a few scraps of tough meat inside. It was a larger one than the first two (2 3/4 vs 2 lbs), and was one of the worst I've ever had; as bad as the first two were good. Seems to be like playing Russian Roulette.

    2. Lobster season in Atlantic Canada depends on the area they are being fished in. The area around Yarmouth and southwestern Nova Scotia is the one open now. The upper part of the Bay of Fundy just opened today for lobsters. Perhaps they are just getting some tasty ones in for some reason?

      Here is the government map of the districts and when they are open:

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          I came back from Halifax couple weeks ago and the lobster is definitely good out there. Can also get decent product around Christmas.