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Mar 1, 2010 05:54 PM

Hartford-area Pho

I'm heading to the Hartford area this weekend and looking for good spots to grab food - particularly pho. Has anyone tried Pho 501?

I'm open to other suggestions too - just craving pho lately. :)

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  1. Pho 501 is very good. I like it better than Pho Boston, but it's much smaller. I got there around 11:20a on a Wednesday, and since I was a single, I sat at the "bar." 5 mins later, the wait was literally out the door.

    Pho Boston is decent, but it's much bigger, so you won't have to wait to get seated.

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      Thank you! I can't believe the line was out the door before 12 - that must mean its really good. :)

      1. I eat at Pho 501 at least once every couple of weeks. Their broth is delicious and I would love to know their recipe. To avoid the crowd, arrive at 11:15 or after 12:45. Otherwise there is a hell of a wait.

        1. Mrs Bigboy and I LOVE Pho 501. Order a spring roll app if they have it. Other than that 1 app, there's only a few items on the menu depending on when you go- Pho, Pho Ga, or Bun Bo Hue. They always have Pho and the Pho Ga or Bun Bo Hue are specials on the weekend that sell out quick.

          There is often a wait but since the menu is so limited they can turn the tables very quickly as you are served just minutes after ordering.

          Cash only.