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Mar 1, 2010 05:36 PM

The Morgan's

I am not sure if there is a topic for this restaurant yet, but it was one of the most enjoyable meals I have had in the city in a long, long time. The service was fantastic. The salad was fresh and delicious, the french onion soup did not have the depth of flavor due to it not having a beef broth, but the lighter broth was fantastic. The laquered salmon was seasoned and cooked absolutely perfectly, and the meatloaf was great as well. Desserts, however, were the show stoppers. Both the carrot cake and the bread pudding were off the charts good.

Pretty much, it was everything that so many places down here are not - comfortable, affordable, good service, simple comfort food done well, great value for the money. Can't wait to go back and try their brunch.

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    1. re: zook

      Wynwood, on 29th St.

      Morgans Restaurant
      28 NE 29th St, Miami, FL 33137

    2. I just finished a blog post about the midtown area including Morgans. I've had two enjoyable experiences there for lunch.

      More details here

      1. I completely agree. I was so pleasantly surprised by this spot. Service was superb. Meny was amazing. We went for brunch and my only complaint is that they don't have a liquor license for Bloody Marys. But mimosas did just fine. Had the French toast and the Club sandwich and both were superbly fresh and flavorful. Can't wait to go for dinner and have meatloaf and bread pudding.

        1. I finally got around to trying this place out for brunch on Sunday. The patio outside was full so we opted for an inside table. The downstairs seating was tight but the decor is modern and simple. I thought the service was terrible. Our waiter was very slow and not very helpful with suggestions. We also noticed the tables around us had complimentary danishes to start off with and we had to ask him more than once to bring us some. We opted for the eggs benedict and 3 eggs over medium with toast and potatoes. Let me start off by saying that one of my biggest pet peeves is when breakfast at a restaurant reaches the table cold. I find that happens way too often in this city, with the exception of cuban joints like Larios and Sergio's. My boyfriend's eggs were cold and overcooked. My benedict was tasty but also cold and the home fries are nothing to write home about. Is it too much to ask for to have a hot breakfast when you're paying more than $30 for two people? The only reason we did not send anything back was because we were in a rush and had to eat quickly.

          I doubt we will be coming back here even though friends have had great experiences and we saw some dishes coming out of the kitchen that looked delicious. Also, they charge $6 for orange juice, which is ridiculous. I really wanted to like this place, but I will be going back to Sergio's for an entire hot breakfast with toast, eggs, bacon and cafe con leche for $6.

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          1. re: jessicam29

            Forget Sergios, check out Coral Bagels in the Grove. Best American breakfast (eggs, homefries, bacon/sausage, toast, tea/coffee) for $5 around. Never gets old. I go at least once a weekend, sometimes twice!

            Coral Bagels
            2750 SW 26th Ave, Miami, FL

            1. re: Blind Mind

              I always forget about Coral Bagels! I went there once and it was really great. I kept meaning to go back but I always forget its there. Thanks for the reminder, Blind.

              Coral Bagels
              2750 SW 26th Ave, Miami, FL