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Mar 1, 2010 05:33 PM

The Most Romantic French Restaurant in Toronto

Hello All,

I'm desperately looking for the most romantic french restaurant in Toronto for a special dinner. I found a lot of french restaurants in Toronto and now I'm so confused which one to choose. I'm looking for a quite place, not very expensive and with a great food. It's for a very special night. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

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  1. Auberge du Pommier! Wonderful classic French cuisine, perfectly polished service, a beautiful updated room and of course, a very romantic vibe. Enjoy your dinner!

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      Auberge is lovely but very expensive - pretty much the opposite of "not very expensive".

      Less expensive options would be Bodega on Baldwin Street (probably the most traditional romantic spot) or Jules Bistro on Spadina (in the evenings). If you want something a bit different there is Crêperie La Bréhandaise on Queen West. If you would like a traditional french bistro there is Le Select and they have some quite intimate 2 person tables in a quiet part of the restaurant on the left side towards the back. None of these have the wow factor of a place like Auberge but they all have personality.

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        Oops. For some reason I misread OP's request as looking for a very expensive restaurant. Definitely Auberge is expensive.

        On the less pricey side, I'd definitely recommend Weezie's. Pretty little boite, with French inspired cuisine - very good food, and good value. Two other options that others have mentioned: Le Select has nice booths that are quite romantic. La Palette is also romantic. Food is serviceable at both but I wouldn't say 'great'.

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          Weezie's has great food, but I think you could find more romantic spots in this thread

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            I think Weezie's is quite romantic, actually - dim lighting, candle light, discrete and professional service, delicious food and a great corner table for canoodling... was there last night and there was a couple there doing just that!

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              Weezie's is extremely romantic. While candlelight can be done by anyone, nothing makes for a relaxed evening out like perfect service and wonderful food. You'll have nothing to concern yourselves over so you can just focus on each other. Deep sigh.

      2. I agree with Auberge. For the most "wow" experience, that would probably be it. I don't see a night there costing less than $300 though. If you're going the upscale route, Scaramouche and George are very nice...although they're not strictly French.

        Le Select Bistro on Wellington is probably your best bet. Pretty easy to get away with dinner without breaking the bank there.

        1. I'd probably vote for Le Select too. One of my grievances with some of the other pretty bistros (Tati, Loire, Midi) is that tables can be very close together and for me this would kinda compromise a romantic night.

          If you like a sort of boho-y, shabby-chic feel then La Palette is quite romantic, but there are some pick ticket menu items. It really depends what you order. (and it's a bit squishy)

          Augberge, George, etc. are, IMHO, not at all suitable recommendations for someone who has expressly requested someplace "not very expensive." Jules is a pretty good bet. Brehandaise is very bright and we had terrible service, both of which are anti-romance factors for me.

          1. While I agree that the Auberge is wonderful and service fantastic, it is pricey.
            If you are willing to head north to Sheppard near the Allen, there is Le Montmartre.
            Its in an old house, place is romantic and very good, yet not fantastic food at very reasonable prices.

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              1. Another nice place that doesn't get a lot of attention on this board is Bistro Tournesol on Dupont. The food is good, very reasonable prices and service is attentive. I love the feel of the room. Very warm with the exposed brick and candles. Might want to check out their website for further details.