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Mar 1, 2010 04:39 PM

late hong kong dining

We're getting into hong kong late on thursday ( touchdown at airport around 7:30 PM ) and staying in kowloon area- can anyone recommend a good spot that serves late-noodles would be fine.

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  1. one of the perennial favorites for 24-hr dining has been Tsui Wah, which has numerous branches around Hong Kong. Not sure where exactly in Kowloon you will be staying, but here's one in Jordan:

    There are of course other choices around Kowloon, including places along Temple Street

    1. Most major restaurants in TST that serve dinners are open till 11pm or later, so don't worry.

      If your plane arrives on time, you should be checked in around 9pm, defs no later than 9.30pm. You should be hitting the restaurant by 10pm.

      1. Which Kowloon area? While HK is relatively small you don't want to go all over the place esp. since you just arrive. Give a more specific area and people can suggest places within walking distance.

        1. yeah! 730pm is not late at all, plenty of time for you to even explore your hotel area as well. A more specific mention of the area would be nice as mentioned by PeterL so we can give you a better recommendation. ie: TST? MongKok? ShaTin? ...

          1. Definitely hit up Tsui Wah for late-night eats. They've got decent noodles, but I'd say Hainan chicken is their best dish. But yea there are like 13 of them in Hong Kong and Kowloon so pretty easy to find. Check out this map and store locator: . . .