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Mar 1, 2010 04:24 PM

Grocery Outlet - March 2010

San Pablo

69 cents - Hagen Daz raspberry sorbet and vanilla yogurt bars
99 cents - Little Bear organic baked cheese puffs 4.5 oz
99 cents - Granny Goose cheese puffs - big bag
99 cents - Boticelli 3.5 oz 70% chocolate bars (raspberry or cranberry)
2.99 - Ritter Sport gold 8.8 oz

I'm not sure if the shelf was mislabeled for the Little Bear cheese puffs. The bag said 'original' all natural, but I didn't see the word organic. They did seem to go on and on about being earth friendly and sustainable and all that. Larger bags of Granny Goose unatural kill-the-earth-and-eater cheese puffs were also available.

I just never got into the whole Ritter thing. However, this was a huge slab of Ritter chocolate wrapped in gold.

Probably my last GO visit for a while. Adios, Grocery Outlet. I'll miss you.

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  1. Santa Rosa

    99 cents Byzantine roasted eggplant with tomatoes and feta 5.5 oz. - a dip/spread/sauce sort of thing, surprisingly tasty.

    59 cents Zapata diced green chiles - 4 oz.

    lots of Spectrum products still floating through.
    Pacific hazelnut milk appears to be gone.
    Comforts creamy ranch dressing a fairly healthy version of that old favorite - made with expeller pressed canola oil.

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    1. re: Columba

      San Pablo ....... Quart of Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip Ice cream for $1.99.
      There was still some of the Pacific Hazlenut/Chocolate milk today.

    2. Berkeley

      $1.49 Niman Ranch sopressata, 8oz chub, made by Columbus so my expectations aren't too high

      1. Oakland today was crowded (first of the month checks). The candy aisle had the Ritter Gold bars RW mentioned, and also the Ritter marizpan, $1.49; the Ritter cappuccino were at the checkstands. Ice cream case had some Breyers (strawberry, butter pecan and extra creamy); still plenty of the Haagen Dasz 5 brown sugar flavor and vanilla honey frozen yogurt.

        Newly spotted:

        Yellowfin solid tuna steaks -- $1.99 for 12 ounce can, Polar brand, "wild caught" product of Thailand. I wouldn't call these steaks, but there were three big (and a few smaller) chunks of tuna in the can. Just tuna, water and salt. I like yellowfin better than bland, dry alabacore, and thought the price was good for the quality/quantity.

        Also, in the snack/granola/nutrition bar section:

        Mariani Honey bars (two flavors, with cranberries and without). Ingredients on the cranberry bars are: peanuts, honey, cranberries, raisins, dried apricots and almonds. 3/$1 -- tasty!

        For a while they've only had the 1 lb blocks of Challenge butter, but today they also had Land O Lakes butter ($2.49/lb).

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        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          Oh, that Haagen Daz Five Brown Sugar is DELICIOUS! Lovely muscovado flavor of caramel and coconut. Draeger's used to have it, but I haven't seen any in months. I hope it's still in production.

        2. Quick note: Oakland, Tom's of Maine Peppermint toothpaste, 2 pack (6 oz. ea.) for $4.99 which is half or less then many retail stores.

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          1. re: ML8000

            Yes, found that at Newark 2 weeks back. I am always hunting toiletries at GO.
            I also found 'E•sen•cia Styling Mousse', it smells so good and its 99% organic.

            1. re: chowmeaow

              Chowmeaow: is Tom's toothpaste still there? I want to try it. Thanks for the tip on the Styling Mousse - I've got to check it out.

              If u notice any expired food let the manager know, he might lower the price.

          2. RWC on 3/13 - excellent assortment of shrink wrapped cheeses - Stilton, Swiss Emmental, UK Cheddar and Dutch goat's milk Gouda. Also a ton of nice sized avocados for $.50 each many were just ripe, but if you dig you can find them still hard to pace your use. Also the unsweetened greek yogurt was back in stock - forget the brand, but I've had it before and it was fine.

            Wine was a pretty big miss this week - there's an Australian Shiraz in stock (Mt. Langhi) which is nice and a great deal at $4 but that's about all. The Pepi Pino Grigio in stock the week before was gone, it was the wine to grab in quantity of you want a nice white on hand.

            And Thomas' Bagels in sale for $2.50 a sleeve, not my style but people seem to like them.