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Mar 1, 2010 03:59 PM

Need last minute fish or vegetarian-friendly in the EV

I need a restaurant for tomorrow night, preferably in the East Village that is vegetarian friendly (fish qualifies) with entrees around $20. Ambiance not too crucial although I'll be taking my dad and two of his friends from college so something "grown-up approved" (I will consider myself a not grown-up for as long as possible).

As far as cuisines, I'm flexible although I don't know if they are raw fish eaters, so Sushi sadly probably isn't ideal. Otherwise considering I'm considering Saravaanas (clearly not in the EV) or maybe Motorino (seems like it might be too loud and pizza wouldn't be my first choice) or Rhong Thiam which I believe is now in the EV but I've never been

Any thoughts? I've already wasted too much of my night searching and NOT doing my legal research for class tomorrow :(

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  1. What about Westville? It's casual, but still grown up friendly and they have all those veggie market sides and at least a few fish dishes. I always think Italian is a good way to go for vegetarians... maybe Frankie 17? Bianca? Paprika?

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      Thanks for the suggestions. I was thinking about Westville but I'm not sure that it's interesting or exciting enough to take out-of-towners.

      You're right, Italian would be a good option, although I'm going to Da Andrea later this week, so selfishly I'm hoping to come up with something else :)

    2. If you're looking for straight-up seafood and a grown-up atmosphere I would go to the Mermaid Inn.

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