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Mar 1, 2010 03:34 PM

Mom's Night Out / Birthday Dinner for Saturday 3/6

I am planning a casual birthday dinner/night out for this Saturday night for 5 women. Looking for a place with really good food but not too expensive, a reasonable but good wine list, and a fun vibe but not too much of a "scene." Here's the catch - one woman will have a 4 month old baby with her in his bucket car seat (she has to bring him - long story) so we want a place where this won't be a problem. Really wanted to go to The Cookery in Dobbs Ferry but they are fully booked. Peniche is an option, as is Nessa in Port Chester, but I am open to other suggestions. Pretty much all of Westchester is ok, might even be able to swing Nyack or Manhattan.

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  1. One suggestion is the Red Hat Bistro in Irvington. Very good food, delightful atmosphere. Or The Boathouse in Ossining.

    1. there is villiaggio's in pelham very good food not to over priced, also the roadhouse in rye food is good and so are the margaritas