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Mar 1, 2010 03:25 PM

Amazing dessert recipe using blackberries?

My Husband loves blackberries, but I've never had them and I have no idea what to make with them for him.

Preferably, I'd like some kind of a dessert food that will be good the 2nd day, and will be small enough to travel with (e.g. Not a large pie or anything that needs to be frozen). I make a lot of quick-breads, but don't know if berries would work well for this. Would they be good in Irish soda bread?

Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks-

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  1. Well, I don't have something that meets your exact preferences. I LOVE blackberries so much that really, for me anyhow, I prefer them in their fresh (i.e. unbaked) state best. My favorite dessert is this recipe I got from the Washington Post. The recipe calls for blackberries alone; it is equally good with a different berry or a mix of berries.

    Sorry I don't have anything in mind that better suits your preferences; I'm sure someone else will though.

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      Blackberries are flavorful and often sour like raspberries, so you could start by looking up raspberry recipes. A sponge cake with blackberry frosting and filling is a possibility. If you liquidize them, make sure you strain them.

      Oh, I've just thought of the clasic combo, blackberry and apple. Do it as a crisp or a crumble, and the second day's leftovers will be transportable. Better if you can nuke the leftovers, but very palatable room temp.