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Mar 1, 2010 03:21 PM

Zeppole Countdown 2010

I know St. Joseph's Day is still close to three weeks away, but I'm ready for spring to get started already. Anybody seen zeppole yet?

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  1. I'm getting ready. Haven't stopped by Antoine's in Newton yet, but I like theirs a lot. How many can one decently eat between now and the 19th? ;-)

    1. We declared the season open back in January when we saw the sign in Maria's window. It was delicious but big and very filling.

      We plan a major tasting in the next week for to write a full report for an assignment on the Boston zeppole scene so I'll be reading with interest for highly recommended places. There are so many styles. What's your favorite?


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        Got one at Mikes last Friday. They had 3 types - whipped cream (which I got - was pretty good), pastry cream, & ricotta, which had chocolate chips or shavings. I'm not sure if the chocolate was just around the edges where the ricotta was sticking out (kinda like how a cannoli is) or mixed into the ricotta filling.

        1. re: BostonZest

          I'm a traditionalist: pastry cream and cherries.

          1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

            I'm with you Barmy, I'm originally from RI where the Zeppole were a lot smaller. But, pastry cream, feather light pastry shell and a cherry on top with just a smear of fruit inside are what I remember from my early zeppole adventures.

            We may have to included Federal Hill in this tasting spree.

            We used to buy a dozen of them to share with a few of friends-- but then I was also a lot smaller then and didn't have to worry so much about how much I ate.

        2. I think the season has been expanding. Arthur's and Modern (Medford) have had signs up for a while now.

          1. Saw them at "Fratelli's" in Quincy as of last Saturday. Will continue at leasdt until at least Santa Guiseppe day. I get full just looking at them. Hard to beat my Uncle Joe's.

            1. Got some at Patsy's Pastries in Somerville a couple of weeks ago. We tried the ricotta (no chocolate. Just sweetened ricotta) and pastry cream with cherries (on the inside). They also had whipped cream, but we didn't try them. They were our first zeppole and they were delicious enough to make me look them up to try to figure out what they were. The dough was light and the perfect foil to the fillings.

              I would be very curious to hear what an experienced zeppole eater thinks of Patsy's.