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Mar 1, 2010 02:29 PM

Two lunches in Houston--advice?

Hello, Houston: I am visiting Houston for Memorial Day weekend and have two lunch openings. Have been reading that Houston has become THE food city in the southwest . . . where would Houston hounds recommend to demonstrate that? I have two lunches only, one weekday, one weekend, staying near the airport, but will travel any distance for the best foodie experience the city has to offer.

Love Tex-Mex and we don't get much of that in TO; otherwise, more of a meat than seafood lover, and not too fond of fussy, high-end fine dining--or at least, prefer a simple, down-home great flavours experience than white linen tablecloths and Riedel crystal.

Appreciate any advice!

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  1. We've been trying all the dishes at El Tiempo and have been very satisfied with them. Tomorrow we may try Laurenzo's Grille which is owned by the same family.

    At El Tiempo, I love love love the crab quesadilla. It's not cheap but it's so delicious. I also like the beef filet fajitas a bunch.

    El Tiempo is very casual.

    If you haven't had seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, you may find you really love seafood after all. The crab at El Tiempo is fresh and delicious and not overpowered by the other items in the dish.

    1. I was going to say El Tiempo as well. We always bring out of towners there for the best fajitas. The have very unusual and high-end fajita items (ribs, sausage, lobster) but the basics are also phenomenal. I would not miss it.

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        We went today and I had the beef filet fajitas. Delicious and there was way more than 1/4 pound of them this time. I got the sopapillo after my meal and it was delicious.

        1. "Have been reading that Houston has become THE food city in the southwest ....." Oh Lord, help us. Are we trendy now?

          My guess is you've read about Feast and Reef, probably the two most remarked upon restaurants nationally. You'll have scant opportunity for lunch at Feast but It's highly recommended, especially if you're an adventurous eater.

          You might also consider Beaver's.

          How about Cajun? Got much of that in Toronto? We have lots of that to consider, too. You probably have access to all the other ethnic cuisines that we can offer.

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            Thanks for all the suggestions--will have to try and whittle them down! I will definitely feed back!

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              RDG + Bar Annie .... wanted so not to like this place, but the food is GREAT! Robert Del Grande is an amazing chef, and everything he touches (Cafe Annie, The Grove, etc.) is top drawer. You will NOT be disappointed.