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Mar 1, 2010 02:27 PM

Can you freeze canned tomatoes?

What's the general concensus? Great sale on huge cans of San Marzanos, but don't want to wind up throwing them out.

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  1. By huge do you mean #10 cans? Or just the 2-pound ones? Sure, you can freeze what's leftover if you don't use a whole can for a single recipe, but they last several days in the fridge as well.

    And I'm assuming you don't mean freezing them in the can, which would be redundant to say the least, since canned tomatoes will last years (and years). :)

    1. Why can't you keep them in the can? Is the expire date very soon? Thanks!

      1. Why would you need to freeze them?

        1. I've bought those big restaurant sized cans before, and then opened them up, and divided them into smaller portions to freeze. I freeze tomatoes all the time , no problem.

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            Yes, canned tomatoes freeze fine. Once you open the can.