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Mar 1, 2010 02:11 PM

Nice dinner - with great ice cream at the end?

The wife and i have a tradition of having ice cream sundaes on our anniversary (We had them at our wedding in lieu of cake). I'm looking for a nice place for dinner that happens to have a good ice cream dish for dessert (doesn't have to be a sundae).

The rest of the meal is a higher priority than the ice cream, so we're looking for a very good high end place to eat a celebratory meal - that happens to have a good ice cream dessert.


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  1. i've heard good things about the ice cream at Bouley and EMP - maybe search the board for details on those. Peter Luger also supposedly does a great ice cream sundae.

    personally i think the banana ice cream at the BLT restaurants is fantastic. it's usually served with a peanut butter chocolate mousse.

    1. Not so high end and probably not the environment you want... but Mary's Fish Camp has great food and serves a great ice cream sundae.

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        Another casual rec, DBGB has a great selection ice cream sundae.

      2. Heard great things about the fudge sundae at keens. It's also just a great steakhouse with good atmosphere as well.

        Big fan of EMP, if they still have the popcorn ice cream that's pretty special too.

        1. If you're in the mood for Italian, the tartufo at Lupa, torrone at Alto, and affogato at Marea are really wonderful.

          1. I think Blue Ribbon has outrageous sundaes....
            I also think Otto has some fantastic ice cream desserts though it's not maybe the best place for your high end anniversary meal.