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Mar 1, 2010 02:09 PM

Common Man

Any reviews for the Common Man in Concord NH?

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  1. Wildly popular with the locals and tourists. I can only attest to the Ashland (the original) location, and say that it's not bad, but their name basically sums up the dining experience.

    1. if I were in concord, I would rather try the new chef at Granite Restaurant or Sunny Tables (much rave) instead of a Common Man Restaurant - I do many of theirs in the lakes region and they are ho humish (except for Largo and Church Landing).

      1. I always want to like Alex Ray's restaurants more, as he is such a socially-conscious restaurateur--i.e. he donated 50% of all his restaurants' proceeds to Haiti relief one Sunday night. Food is a solid B.

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          when he was ONLY in Ashland - fantastic! bigger isn't better. and there's no way he can control what he did before. I own one lil business and if I'm away from it too much, it shows. Unless he has a secret on cloning himself. :-)

        2. Yeah, he sounds like a great guy, and his restaurants really do a good business, but I think Lexpatti is correct that the Common Man theme has been spread a bit thin and that their quality is affected by this.

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            Quality has gone way down, a sign of the times with alot of chains, yes, even local ones. I have gone to one in Windham a few times : touristy, mediocre. The one in Merrimack (very close to me), was pretty good when it opened. Do not order a steak there is the first thing I have to offer. Where the hell do they get their meat? It's awful...strangely cut, weird tasting and often times, cooked incorrectly to order. I would say to stick with the apps (which are often inconsistent) and drinks. The bartenders are ample and professional. The upstairs in Merrimack is a beautiful layout, just wish they could match the food with the atmosphere. Food: C-, Service B+, Atmosphere A

            Overall it's more of a local/NH thing, and I'm not sold on it (being a native). Just seems to key in on the 'old home/antique barn' thing as it's main attraction. I see their mac n cheese get mentioned as best 'comfort food' on phantom gourmet, and frankly, it is probably the most blah mac n cheese. It's just a nondescript version of something that is very easy to make on the cheap, and they fail. If they just had a chef at each location willing to make their own menu and mix things up a bit with fresh, local produce and proteins, and season the food properly, it would be decent

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              I'm not generally a fan of the food at Common Man restaurants, but I thought that Camp in Meredith was quite good. So far, I've tried and enjoyed their mac and cheese, meatloaf and sheppards pie. My fiancée and I always have to get the Camp Crackers. Its a flatbread topped with cheddar, gorgonzola, garlic and scallions cut into small wedges. Their onion rings are pretty good too.

              The portions are much better than the other Common Man restaurants we've visited, and the prices seem a bit better as well.

              We've been twice so far and found the service to be great. The atmosphere is quite nice as well, with oil lamps at every table, a fieldstone fireplace with a moose head hanging above, and an overall feeling of a quaint old cabin

          2. The common man has a diner in Manchester and the food is fine for the price at times but the service STINKS. I got the salad bar 3 times so far with my entree and before I even took a BITE my entree was sitting there on the table!
            I politely told the server each time I was getting the salad bar and I wanted to pace my meal. I guess they do not know the meaning of the word pace... because they rush out your food within a couple of minutes which proves to me it is all made WAY ahead and just nuked or tossed in a fryer. So sad because it would be a nice place to go if it was not so rushed.