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Mar 1, 2010 01:37 PM

Steak Sandwich (Unsliced) in St. Louis Area

I'm wanting to take my dad out for his 50th birthday tonight and he's been craving a steak sandwich that uses a whole steak, not sliced steak. I've been looking for hours and can't find anywhere that serves them. Any recommendations for a good unsliced steak sandwich? Thanks.

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  1. Seamus McDaniels in Dogtown - they have a steak sandwich that's basically just a ribeye on a bun. Recommended.

    1. Culpeppers in Kirkwood...I'd presume in the Central West End as well, but I've never eaten there.

      Columbo's on Manchester in Northampton....phenomenal!

      Chips Dell @ The Casino Queen...meh.

      Crusoe's in Dutchtown...don't get this one....I can never remember that it's no good when I'm ordering it.

      I'll try to think of others.

      1. OK, I need some help here: I was taken there after golf, so I'm not sure of the name or exact location. I think it was south city. Big place, two or three dining areas, old school. Place is known for its steak sandwiches, served on a toasted garlic bread, good juicy steak, not very expensive. Can anyone help?

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          Jacksons' on Manchester has a great steak sandwich, tenderloin medallions on garlic cheese bread. Don't know if it is the same but it is old school too.

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            -- The name of the place with the great steak sandwich on garlic bread is Biggie's, on Watson. No relation to the old Musial & Biggie's.