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Mar 1, 2010 01:10 PM

are seafood appetizers/entrees considered "modest" in both nutrition and price?

I will be dining with my boss at some upcoming business dinners. He dines at swanky restaurants but is very into health and fitness, and expects employees who dine with him to make healthy but tasteful (as in not purposely choosing the cheapest items) choices, but I'm not quite sure what that means other than not to order bone marrow/iceberg lettuce for appetizers or a porterhouse/bland chicken dish for an entree.

I've looked at the menus and it seems the best choices are mostly seafood - do the following selections seem appropriate in both price and healthiness?

Appetizers: ceviches, raw oysters, tartares (both beef/seafood)

Entrees: any roasted/pan seared fish entrees (I don't order chicken or pasta for entrees, and am choosing to steer clear of lobster, beef, lamb, duck, and veal for price and fat content reasons)

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  1. Nutrition: I think everything you listed would be considered "nutritious" (ie, low fat, relatively low calorie).

    Price: your apps and entrees would seem to be middle-of-the menu safe in terms of cost. As you note, the cheapest items are often pasta or chicken (or meatless salads). The wallet busters generally incorporate foie gras, high-end beef (such as Kobe, Wagyu, Black Label, etc) or shellfish such as lobster or scallops.

    Where are you gonna be eating?

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      upcoming dinners will be at the monkey bar and several private supper clubs in nyc.