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Mar 1, 2010 01:08 PM

Zeppole Time

I just bought a Zeppole di San Guiseppe at Restaurant Pasta Casareccia for $3. I haven't tried it yet. Saving it for after dinner tonite. Any other places in town people would like to suggest for these?

With Easter coming up, I would like some suggestions for Italian Easter pastries too.

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  1. Signs of spring: It's Zeppole time!


    San Remo, Alati-Caserta and Alati are my go-to Italian pastry shops.

    1. For the zeppole recs, might want to check out the last two years' threads on the subject if you haven't already:

      Signs of spring: It's Zeppole time!!! (2009)

      Zeppole (2008)

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        Thx for the zeppole links, now about the Easter pastries ..... other than Easter bread, are there any special Italian Easter pastries? I'm rapidly turning into an Italian pastry junkie.

      2. last week, I bought zeppole di san giuseppe from Boulangerie NDG. They come filled with either sweet ricotta cream, or silky smooth chantilly cream. They were outstanding.

        Sunday, I bought both sweet ricotta filled and tangy custard filled zeppole di san giuseppe from Alati on Dante. Since this place offers my favorite canoli in town, I thought these would be better than the ones I tried last week. I actually prefer the ricotta ones at Boulangerie NDG... I think the ricotta is smoother.

        Today, someone brought some zeppole di san giuseppe in from Friulano. Unlike those boujght at the other places, these ones were the fried ones... the others were more like a cream puff shell. The cream in these were not that great and a little dry.

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        1. re: Andria

          If ever the craving hits you while Downtown, head over to Via Crescent. They are from Pasticceria San Marco (Jean-Talon/Papineau). But please leave me one...or two.

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            I finally tried zeppole, from Boulangerie NDG on Upper Lachine. We had one filled with a cream/custard combo (this is how the server described it, a mix of the two), and one with a canoli-like cheese filling. Both absolutely delicious. Soft, puffy dough, with smooth, not-too-sweet filling. Not cheap at $3 each for a small doughnut, but worth every penny and certainly doable as a once-a-year treat. YUM!

          2. Reading through those threads it seems the consensus is Alati Caserta or Roma. I'm embarrassed to say I've never tried Zeppole before but always wanted to. I'll make it my mission to try some this year.

            Just one question though on the Alati Caserta web site ( they seem to have 2 different types: traditional(i'm guessing they're fried) and baked ones which have a different shape. Which ones should a Zepolle virgin go for? and what filling?

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            1. re: Evilbanana11

              Have one of each. They only come around once a year.

              1. re: Evilbanana11

                Yup, listen to ManuelF... one of each is best as they are different. I prefer the ones that look like cream puffs (baked).

              2. Was by Molisana on Somerled in NDG today and disappointed to find out their zeppole only start on Thursday. Will have to try ones from Boulangerie NDG - they sound amazing, Andria!

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                1. re: kpzoo

                  Molisana is uselful because they are good at advertising (ie. reminding me) that it's Zeppole time -also a reminder to go somewhere else to buy them! Unless you like sweet whipped lard filling...bleurk! Make the trek to NDG Bakery on Upper Lachine...

                  1. re: Arktik

                    Whipped lard - gross! Are they really that bad?

                    I did indeed make the trek to NDG Bakery and they were diviine - see a bit further up the thread: