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Founders or Bells

wagoneer79 Mar 1, 2010 12:52 PM

I am planning a jaunt up through Michigan this summer and have convinced the wife to stop at one of the aforementioned breweries on the way up for "lunch". Anyone visited either or both? I am a longtime fan of both, so i would probably be happy seeing either (and drinking the products the rest of the week)....but am curious if one brewery is more interesting or noteworthy than the other.

Either way, i have to pick one of them to visit and one to save for another time. So, please note anything regarding menu, tour, location, freebies, "and other items as applicable. Thanks ahead of time.

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  1. Insidious Rex Mar 2, 2010 09:29 AM

    Well Ive been to both once (in 2008 I believe) and enjoyed both. Bells "eccentric pub" is a must hit if you are a beer head. But its cash only and the food is limited from what I remember and you want to avoid days when they have a band or something similar going on. Its a great place to hit on an afternoon when its not at all crowded and people are relaxed and up for a chat. Founders has a full sit down menu although nothing spectacular there either. When we went to Bell's we immediately hit it off with the bartender and several folks at the bar who also had come there from far afield because Bell's IS a beer meca for so many beer heads. A spontaneous beer trading session started (we all happened to have some beers in our vehicles) and many stories were traded. Because of this experience Ill always put Bells high on my list of cool places to visit although it has more of a quirky bar vibe in comparison to Founders brew pub/laid back restaurant atmosphere. So if you are looking for a meal for the fam you might want to stick with Founders. Although Personally Id recommend Bells and then just go eat in Kalamazoo somewhere after.

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