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Mar 1, 2010 12:34 PM

Kava & breadfruit

What is the consensus on kava ?
Has anyone tried it?
Best places ?? (we'll be visiting Oahu, the Big Island & Maui)

Where to try breadfruit? tastiest preparation?


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  1. Kava (awa in Hawaiian) is a rather muddy tasting beverage. It gives you a mild buzz, and is served almost noplace any more. The two places I knew about both stopped serving it.

    It's a little early in the season for breadfruit, and I've never seen it on a menu anyplace. The most common way to serve it is to bake it and eat it like bread. My favorite is when it is diced and boiled and eaten like potato salad.

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      My neighbor's tree is full! A great way to eat it is to make chips (as in potato) they
      are delicious!

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          It is! Dr. Shintani's books have some recipes for breadfruit as well.

          1. re: manomin

            I'm guessing the best places to look for breadfruit are at the farmer's markets or in chinatown.

    2. what time of year is breadfruit ripe?

      I'm glad a few of the places we are staying will have kitchens, gonna do some cooking!

      the toc of this book has some great ideas

      1. I have only seen breadfruit on a menu once and that was at town. My SO had never had it, so we ordered it baked and topped with butter and salt. It's fine, but nothing to get excited over.

        I think there are a couple of places that serve kava, but I've never been to any. The few times I've had it, I didn't like the taste at all and nothing, uhh, happened...except mild nausea...

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          I have had it several times. Makes my lips and gums numb and a relaxed feeling ensues.
          There used to be some kava bars but the are gone. You pretty much need to know someone
          who has it to partake.

        2. Kanaka Kava in Kailua Kona is the real deal - also great food.

          1. Kava is fantastic. Do not miss out on the opportunity to try it! My husband and I got lost on the Big Island trying to get to see the lava flow in Volcanoes National Park, coming from the east (instead of from inside the park) on recommendation of a Hawaiian we met. We got hopelessly lost and stumbled into a small town of population less than a thousand and ended up at their outdoor kava bar, where we parked our butts for a few much needed hours of relaxation and recuperation and drank a whack of kava. Very nice. (Note: I'd had kava many, many times before this; just not in Hawaii.)