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Mar 1, 2010 12:33 PM

Suggestions for birthday dinner 3/17 (south central CT)

so--I have the honor/horror of having been born on one of the biggest party days --that's right, St. Pat's day. I am (mostly) over the party phase of my life, and really like to go out for a nice meal on 'my' day. I have a few places that have been on my list to try, but I am concerned that the atmosphere may not be what I am looking for. That, my dear CH'ers is where you come in. I would value your opinions on the following places:

Esca wine bar in Middletown

Mickey's in Hamden

Ibiza Tabas in Hamden

Would any of them be likely to attract a more drinking vs eating crowd? too noisy? not worth it?

Thanks in advance and, other suggestions for newish restos are appreciated!!

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  1. I cast my vote for Ibiza Tapas, although I haven't eaten at the other places IMHO Ibiza Tapas is a real winner.

    1. I agree with Ibiza Tapas... great food... it's all small plates so you can try lots of different things..small bar.. I don't think it's a place people would go to drink on St Pats day