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Mar 1, 2010 12:32 PM

Wedding Reception/Venue in Westchester or Rockland - Please help!

Would REALLY appreciate some help! I'm planning a late September wedding in Westchester. We found a nice outdoor ceremony location in one of Westchester rivertowns. All that remains is to find a nice place for a reception dinner. We want something within a reasonable distance of the ceremony (so, towns like Tarrytown, Dobbs, Ferry, Irvington, Hastings-on-Hudson, maybe even White Plains, etc), OR, just over the bridge in Nyack - or close to Nyack - would be fine too.

Our wedding: around 100 people. We looked at a few restaurants so far, but most of them would cost as much as (if not more than) just doing the whole banquet hall thing. Harvest on Hudson, for example, was a bit more than we wanted to spend.

Are there any places you'd recommend on either side of the bridge for a nice reception dinner? Hopefully with some room for dancing, too, if the tables were set up right. We're both definitely FOOD people... going for a place that's quaint, elegant, and yummy... without breaking our banks! Any thoughts???

If we can't find a nice reception dinner spot - we'll have to scrap our preferred ceremony site and find some kind of all-inclusive space for ceremony + reception (like a banquet hall). Didn't like those wedding venues in New Rochelle too much. Any recommendations?

Would really appreciate any help at all... very stressed about this!!

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  1. what is your budget per peson and what day of the week are you looking for? X2O has a private area but it may be more expensive then you are looking to spend. Also if you are looking to save money by doing this at a small "restaurant" and you want a Saturday evening then they probably will charge you top dollar since they are losing the income on the busiest dining night of the week. Other places like Red Hat, Half Moon are good options but are similar in taste and cost to Harvest.

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      We're pretty open to a non-Saturday wedding. So Friday or Sunday would be fine, too. We're hoping in the range of $120-$150/pp after tax and grat.

      I saw on Sunset Cove's website that they do weddings (however, the "Under Construction" image that came up when I clicked on the Weddings section wasn't very promising...haha). Any thoughts on that one? Half Moon also looked interesting.

      Have been to X20 many a time... very delicious, but I'm guessing they charge top dollar. I should still look into it.

      On the Rockland side of things, we saw a banquet hall in Piermont called The View. Price was very reasonable (about $95/pp), with tons of food options, but I have no idea if their food is any good...

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        Friday & Sundays should get you a better "deal" than Saturdays so that is a great start. Half Moon is owned by same company that owns Harvest. They are solid but not quite the same experience that you will get from x2o. Sunset Cove & "the view" across the river are both mediocre food places. With all the construction going on in that area of tarrytown word on the street says that sunset cove may not even be there soon. as for the rockand option just getting close to the tappan zee bridge is always a risky proposition. i would steer clear unless you end up doing everything at a place over there like at one of Peter Kelly's restos which may be a good avenue to investigate. You may also get a good deal from 42 on a Sunday but again word on the street is that they are having troubles so don't leave a hefty deposit!

    2. I've been at a wedding at the View on the Hudson in Piermont. What a view! Everything was handled very well and the food was more than satisfactory.

      1. Look into Patriot Hills in Stony Point.

        1. my nephew had his wedding and reception at bear mountain it was also late sept. the wedding was a fall theme it was really great we were not to close to home so we all got rooms and had a great time they did their cocktail hour at the carrousal

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            that's quite a hike from Irvington though.

            1. re: DGresh

              DGresh... very true, but if Bear Mtn was nice enough, we'd consider having the whole thing there instead (it would just be easier - don't want to have our guests running around all day!). However, I read they have renovations going on at the moment, which is a little unnerving (see below). BUT, I love the kind of look they have going for sure.

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              Hi sandralee! Thanks for the suggestion! I just looked at their website and also at some reviews...

              One review I found that really struck a chord with me: "If ever I had to get re-married, and if that wedding had to take place in New York, then I think this is where I would want that wedding to take place. No faux fancy wedding / catering halls for me. The ambiance here is very subtle and relaxed, the view is wonderful ... We went to a wedding here a few years back and I was immediately taken by the huge fireplaces and the sheer awesomeness of the huge lodge. The place is constructed primarily of wood and stone which gives this place character, charm, warmth and a feeling of being rustic."

              I LOVE that rustic, cozy type of charm. My only concern is I read a lot about that place undergoing renovations at the moment, and people on message boards are saying that the finish date keeps getting pushed back...? Which seems a little risky. I'm thinking I might go take a look at the facilities this week, possibly. But the renovations aspect makes me a LITTLE nervous.

            3. I work at Ceola Manor in Jefferson Valley, about 25 minutes north of Dobbs Ferry. Check out and if you are interested, I can refer you to someone there.