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Mar 1, 2010 12:21 PM

Chef to cook dinner at my home

For MIL's birthday, we decided that instead of one of us cooking for 17 people or going out to dinner given the fact that SEVEN of us are under the age of 5 and would be bored with a nice long meal that we would try to hire a chef to come and cook her birthday dinner at one of our homes.

We are looking for a chef who would propose a menu, propose wine pairings then would do the final cooking /assembly here. We don't mind shopping for food and wine. If the chef would let MIL watch in the kitchen while (s)he is cooking, it would be awesome. Small cooking pointers to the whole group would even be more appreciated. Mostly, we want good food in a friendly place where there is a big playroom for the kids and beds for them to sleep when they are tired.

It would be for 10 adults, and only 3-4 of the children will be eating the adult food (the rest are too young).

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  1. I've had small dinner parties with Le Tour du Chef, on Avenue du Parc, we discussed the menu and our needs. Chef Antoine is very personable.

    You basically need a caterer who will do small functions, most of them do.

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      I just don't want a caterer to bring precooked food and heat and serve. i would like things to be a bit fresher.

    2. Jonathan Cheung of Appetite for Books does private classes for 8-10 people - you could contact him to find out if he'd do them in-home:

      1. I haven't heard any reviews but this may be of interest to you (they're in the Nordelec building in Pointe St Charles):

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          Le Tour du Chef brings the fresh ingredients and cooks it all in your home, I hung around the kitchen, watched him and talked to him .

          True, some caterers bring things already done, I've experienced that ; my 2nd paragraph was wrong, I apologize.

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            You don't need to apologise! I really do appreciate your suggestions. That is the fun thing about this board, as we ask a question it makes us think more about what we want ...

        2. Thanks for all the suggestions! My brother in law was suggesting a few more chefs that he had heard about /found online. We are now in the process of interviewing them trying to decide who to pick. I thought it would be a good idea to add the names we found for future searches and more importantly, so that if any of you had a negative experience with one of them you would let us know.

          Goumeyer: (he e-mailed a wonderful looking menu)


          oh, and a third one with only a phone number, i guess i will skip this one.
          Again, thank you so much!

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            Cinq a Chef!!
            I have praised these guys for a while and have used them for many parties. They are extremely reliable, well priced, and an absolute pleasure to deal with. The food is always fantastic and fresh.
            I highly recommend them.

          2. The original comment has been removed