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Mar 1, 2010 12:15 PM

Need Restaurant Recs near Convention Center in Richmond

Will be coming to Richmond in a few weekends for a conference and will be putting together a dinner for a few people (probably less than a dozen) who don't know each other very well and who probably won't have cars. What restaurants would you suggest?


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  1. A few suggestions along broad street for you to consider. Comfort is really great and consistent. Also Tarrants Cafe is low key. Check out Bistro 27 Also very close is Gibson's Grill at the National

    1. We have several great restaurants close to the convention center. Bistro 27 is located a few blocks from the center. They have globally-inspired cuisine for lunch or dinner. It is a very elegant restaurant. Down in Shockoe Bottom, approximately a mile away from the convention center are La Grotta and Sine Irish Pub. Sine has a nice, cozy atmosphere and they are available for private and large parties. La Grotta is wonderful Italian restaurant. The food is delicious, and you could even sit in the wine cellar area. All three are great choices if you are looking for a nice restaurant to have a relaxing restaurant. Check out all three restaurants at our site:

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        Sine would be one of my last choices in the Bottom.

        Belvidere at Broad is another good choice close to the Convention Center.

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          I would vote Tarrants, delicious seafood specials, inventive appetizers and great service. Very close to CC too. Go to Comfort too for a whiskey cocktail. I ate at 27 Friday night and it was simple, expensive, tasteless, and the bartenders would rather have been anywhere else. May have just been an off night but on the night of the art walk I would think they would have had their best staff on board.

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            Hillfoodie, tell me about Belvidere at Broad? I have tried to go a time or two but they were closed, I think it was on a Sunday or a Monday. Do they have steaks and seafood or lighter fare?

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              Right across the road from the Convention Center in the Marriot is T. Miller's sports bar. Good food, tons of draft choices and 29 flat screens. Would make a fun gathering spot.