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Mar 1, 2010 11:32 AM

Breakfast in Woodland

Looking for a tasty breakfast in Woodland. Where should I go and why?

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  1. For a great Mexican (slash Salvadorian(?)) breakfast, I really like Pupuseria La Chicana at West and Main. I've had the machaca plate and the breakfast burrito. Really tasty food- perfectly fried potatoes, awesome beans (I'm positive they are not vegetarian :) ), nice portions. Very reasonable prices and really nice people.

    For American fare, I love the pancakes at Savory Cafe, right on main street. They are huge, fluffy and really tasty. Other items are good too, but that's the stand out for me.

    Let us know what you think if you end up trying either of them.

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    1. re: woodlandkate

      Kate: any idea how early the Pupuseria opens? I need an early breakfast spot and I love machaca!

      1. re: dimsumgirl

        According to a questionably reliable city information site, it opens at 8. My memory was 7. If I get a chance, I'll drive by tomorrow and check for you (it's about 2 blocks from where I work). :)

        1. re: woodlandkate

          Thanks, Kate. If it opens at 7, I'll give it a try. If it opens at 8, it will be too late for me to have for breakfast although I might be able to get takeout to go when I leave Woodland in the afternoon.