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Knife Sharpening/peners is Southwest?

I had never thought about sending knives out for sharpening until I saw some suggestions for it on other forums here. Anyone know of any knife sharpeners in the southwest/st louis park/edina area?

Is it even worth it for my lower-end Chicago Cutlery? My Presto brand knife sharpener is kinda lame (and scary), but I want sharp knives!

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  1. Do you know if your knives are stamped (cut from a sheet) or forged (hand hammered)? If they are stamped (which I assume from being lower end CC) I doubt they are worth, or it might not even be possible, to have sharpened.

    I've heard of Eversharpknives.com, they are in NE Mpls, but I cannot speak to the quality of their services. They happen to be the only licensed reseller of Wusthofs, maybe you could find a deal on a nice second hand knife? I believe there is another sharpener near Broadyway / Central, but the name escapes me.

    I'm a would-be hobbyist in the kitchen and really appreciate a nice knife. Personal suggestion: Globals are really nice.

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      I've had knives sharpened at Eversharp. Very fast, cheap, well done.

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        Just returned from having my knifes sharpened at Eversharp. they turned out great and very reasonable. They gave me their special price ($1)because I took 8 to be sharpened.

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          Very good to know. I've been in a frugal mood and was going to take only a few knives to Eversharp. They all need sharpening, so I think I'll bring the whole lot.

    2. Local knife sharpening was discussed in these threads:


      A quick glance reveals that Lunds/Byerly's and Kitchen Window were suggested by others, but you should take a closer look.

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        The knife sharpening at Lund's/Byerly's meat counter is free. That said, you get what you "pay" for. I had them do one of my Wustoffs to try it out. It came back butchered, no pun intended. I had a very good experience with Eversharp.

      2. Not sure whether/not it would be worth seeking out a specialty shop on this one. Are you knives surrated/forged/stamped? Try the Byerly's store. They'll do it for free. My suggestion is to wait until October when Kitchen Window has their annual knive sale. It's a zoo but they'll usually have 1-2 REALLY good deals on Wusthof knives. Last year, I believe they had one of my favorite larger Santoku's on sale for $40. Then, if you spent a certain amount, you could get a sharpener or butcher block for free. You couldn't imagine how a GOOD knife will change your kitchen mentality. All you need is a larger chefs/santoku and paring knife. You'd also probably want one bread/tomato (serrated) knife. Then all you really need are steak knives. Start at the two and then slowly build. I love the Wusthof Classic line. It's a bit spendy up-front; however, with proper care, they'll last you a long, LONG time. For example, my parents received a set on their wedding day and that was like 800 years ago. ha If you're not looking to spend that much, try Calphalon (SP?). They make some decent knives.

        Kitchen Window
        3001 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

        1601 County Road C W, Saint Paul, MN 55113

        1. I can also say the sharpening at Eversharp is good. I go with most of my knives about every 3-4 months and they are usually $2.50 a blade. Also they have a great selection of knives to look at while you wait the few minutes for your sharpening.

          1. Wish I had found this thread before getting my knives sharpened for our anniversary. Not that I got bad results from Kitchen Window- but Eversharp looks pretty cool. Somehow I had not heard about them. Happy I did not get the complimentary shapening at Lund's- I would have been heart-broken if they wrecked my knives.

            Kitchen Window
            3001 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

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              Do not go to Byerly's. I think they just hand the knives back after they use the steel on them (if that).

              Eversharp is great. He sharpens for many restaurants.

              3777 Park Center Blvd A, St Louis Park, MN

            2. best knife guy in the metro i've found is in hopkins, believe it or not! eversharp is good for german knives, and they give a great industry discount, but after an incident, i won't take our japanese blades there anymore.

              it isn't worth it imo to pay for chicago cutlery etc to be sharpened by a professional. just get the free service at lunds/byerly's for those, and put the $ you save aside to buy better knives. . .

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                I second this comment. German knives to Eversharp, Japanese to the guy in Hopkins. I wasn't thrilled with the job they did at Eversharp, but I'm unaware of a better option. The guy in Hopkins did a beautiful job on my Global.

                Chicago Cutlery has some decent forged knives that you can get for cheap. They are worth taking to Eversharp. Stamped knives, however, aren't.

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                  What is the name of the guy in Hopkins and where in Hopkins is he located?

              2. Do not go to Lunds. I had my knives sharpened there and the tip of my chef's knife came back bent!

                1. Here's one more vote for Eversharp. Wherever you are in the Twin Cities - it is worth it to get here to have them put a professional edge on your knives. Had 4 of them done there on Saturday - in about 5 minutes. These guys know their stuff!