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Mar 1, 2010 11:11 AM

Yerba Buena for Brunch?

I like their brunch menu and i wanted to try it out this Sunday around 12:30 pm - 1; but i can't deal with brunch lines. Been there for brunch? How's the food? The wait?

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  1. Went to YB on LES in the summer. Had reservations & there was no wait. Our party of 5 liked everything from the fish tacos to the pan dulche and huevos rancheros (Could swear that I had skirt steak, but don't see it on the menu, oh well..) Drinks were great! (Maybe too great, that's why I don't remember what I had) Service was very accomodating. Just note that it is very tight, tables are really close together, but otherwise a very enjoyable experience!

    1. Brunch was good..make sure to make reservations! Had the manchego cheese croquets, they were awesome..also had the churros..the churro was good but the hot chocolate was a little bit of a dissapointment, i expected more flavor and a thicker texture in the chocolate. I had the Cachapa Benedict and it was good, specially the corn cake. My friend had the Steak a Caballo and it looked good as well.

      1. I had brunch yesterday and was astounded by how terrible the service was. Our waitress checked on us only once, did not respond when we tried to summon her, completely ignored me when I placed an order with her and spent most of our meal chatting with two patrons. Her colleague did not do much to help by either attending to us or asking our waitress to take our order, even though there were only 4 tables occupied at the time and we were noticeably frustrated.

        When we finally received our orders, the potatoes had been subbed out with a slapdash iceberg and mandarin salad that would have been more at home in an airport terminal than our platters. One person received a microgreen salad. We would not have minded the substitutions so much if we were told the kitchen 86'ed the potatoes, we were seated towards the end of service and perhaps they ran out of items, but that would have required our waitress to actually check on her table. Other than the poor quality salad (wilted lettuce, unmatched flavors), the food was decent. The arepas tasted good enough, though they had cooled by the time they made it to the table. Cuban sandwiches were serviceable as were the fritas cubanas. I wish I could say the same about the service which will go down as one of the poorest experiences I have had in New York.

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          What a disappointment, JungMann. Guess I'll be crossing YB off my wishlist!