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Mar 1, 2010 10:58 AM

Pies-N-Thighs reopens

I'll believe it when I smell it, but it sounds as if it's finally back in business ...

Pies 'n' Thighs
166 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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  1. thanks for the heads up - look forward to going.

    1. stopped by yesterday after lunch at la superior...bought two cookies...the trail mix cookie is pretty damn excellent.

      the space is nice...and for lunch the place was at least 70% full...not bad for a tuesday. good for them.

      1. They're baaaaa-aaaack. I love all the crazy hype they've generated, and I love their ability to live up to it. 2 trips in 2 days, and I'm eager to keep the streak alive.
        Some notes:

        - The cozy charm is still intact, as are the crisp, flavorful pieces of chicken, the buttery biscuits, and the reasonable prices.
        - The pork-laden collard greens were always my favorite side at the Pies & Thies of old, and they're still stellar. Couldn't remember how I felt about the spicy black-eyed peas, so I took them for a test drive and they won me over as well - smokey, zesty, with just a hint of refreshing bite here and there (it's a cold side, fyi).
        - The Big Salad was crisp and pleasant enough -- beet strings and marinated carrot shards, half an avocado and a hard-boiled egg on a bed of iceberg lettuce -- but I'll find it hard to justify making another meal out of rabbit food when the chicken, catfish, and pulled pork boxes are all available at the same price. I will say that the hearty house-baked multi-grain bread that accompanied my salad was memorably nutty and dense, with plenty of bright, sweet notes to remind you of its freshness.
        - The expanded menu includes a burger ($8; cheese, bacon & egg all extra) and the brisket sandwich ($12) that they used to feature as a special. I'm eager to hear reports about the burger. Reports from my tongue and belly.
        - BEER! I had a Captain Lawrence Double IPA while I waited for takeout. At $5 for a 16oz bottle, it was hard to say no. They appear to have at least one beer on tap, and a few additional bottles (Coors Light, some sort of Pale Ale).
        - Be sure to check out the separate seating area in back - it's much calmer than what you'll find up front.
        - Service was a bit scattered (register issues, slow ordering process, long snaking line gumming up the front seating area), but all that is forgivable in a brand new space. They care about their food, deeply, as I feel they always have. I'm so glad to have 'Thighs back in my life.

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        1. re: CalJack

          Went there last night! Wish we lived less than an hour away. We had the best fried chicken. We chose greens and grits as our sides and loved them both. Hey CalJack, now that you mention the pork laden greens, you made me realize why I liked them so much. The back room is perfect. The high ceiling makes for good accoustics. I had a White Rascal beer that went perfectly with dinner. We kept watching as people were served items that looked really, really good, but we just couldn't fit anymore. I'll be finding many excuses to go to Williamsburg and eat at Pies n Thighs.

          1. re: CalJack

            So there are thighs, but are there pies?

          2. I need to head over here ASAP for a chicken biscuit. I'm just worried that all the hype from it being closed over the years along with continuing rise of comfort food will render this place in a constant state of 1hr waits for like 6 months.

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            1. re: the_state

              I usually pass by the new space a few times each day, and only once since their re-opening have I seen a line that would discourage me from ordering. They're far enough from the Bedford Ave foot traffic that I think crowds won't be too much of a problem outside of prime mealtimes. Try visiting during off-hours if you don't want to take any chances. Last night from 9-10pm there was hardly any wait, and the seating areas - while lively enough - were far from reaching capacity.

            2. Is the pork still vinegary and delicious?