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Mar 1, 2010 10:43 AM

Restaurant week Feb 28th-March5th

Any reports after day 1?
I'm planning on Murray's and LBV, but would like to add a couple more dinners in before it's over.

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  1. The offerings at Meritage and Cosmos look awesome, but they are (understandably) booked pretty solid. Nothing open between 6 and 8pm.

    Other than those two, not a lot jumps out at me. I like doing these things in groups and being able to order different things. Some of the other places I want to go (LBV, Sea Change, etc) don't offer any choices throughout the night.

    I'll probably get to one or two spots, but the current incarnation doesn't excite me as much as it has in the past.

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      I will probably try sea change for the first time as well this week will let you know how it goes

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      1. went to Saffron last night and had a great meal, but tonight we went to Barrio in St. Paul.

        so awesome! we had a delicious meal and I can't wait to go back and eat the Potato Sopas. I think I said a zillion times that "damn, those potato things were good."

        we had really great service, too. very welcoming and accommodating, even though we were there for the $15 price fix menu.

        1. We went to D'Amico Kitchen tonight. It was delightful. First off, the hosts and wait staff were spectacular. Super friendly. We really liked the ambiance - very modern and open.

          I ordered the pancetta starter, the short rib entree and the chocolate spice cake for dessert. Hubby had the cauliflower soup starter, the arctic char entree and the trio of housemade gelati for dessert. My pancetta was yummy and served with an onion mustarda. Very flavorful. The short rib was also cooked perfectly - super tender. It was served with horseradish on top, which I was prepared to pick off as I normally don't like horseradish, but the creaminess of the buckwheat polenta combined with the tender short rib and carrots worked together really well. The chocolate spice cake was nice - with a molten effect in the middle, but I was expecting more spice than it had.

          My husband liked his cauliflower soup, but I didn't try it. He also really liked the arctic char, but he felt the portion was a bit minimal. It was served with a few cauliflower florets and 2 tiny potatoes. He was left still feeling a bit hungry - luckily the bread was also very good, so he filled up some more on that. The gelati was also good. Not real Italian gelato (we got spoiled with that in Como last spring), but good nonetheless.

          Overall, it was a good choice for us. Next up tomorrow is Cave Vin.

          D'Amico Kitchen
          901 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403