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Mar 1, 2010 10:42 AM

Emmer & Rye - Has anyone been?

We'd like to try Emmer & Rye, but would also like to know what other Hounds' experiences have been. Please share your impressions!

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  1. We'll probably head over in the next few days. We're thinking about just having a couple of beers or cocktails and sharing a small plate or three before deciding whether to return for a full meal. Will report back.

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      And there's also this:

      Now that I think of it, I'll post my review there, just for cleanliness' sake.

    2. The food is great - a couple dishes have just been good, but I recommend e & r. The Bolognese is the best I've had, and I'm not usually a fan. I also like that they offer small and large portion options for many of the dishes. The thing I don't like is the atmosphere - it's in an old house with outdated furniture and weird stuff on the walls. If you can ignore that, it's perfect for those seeking a REAl local, seasonal menu (so many places bill themselves as such and don't really follow through). Check them out for their happy hour and decide for yourself!

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      1. I had mixed feelings about E&R. The dishes ranged from delicious (slow-cooked beef with potatoes and brussel sprouts) to good (cheese plate, garlicky clams) to almost good (octopus salad with grapefruit-would have been great if executed better) to bad (pork belly with sweet potatoes and greens-salty, overfried, and overall just not a cohesive dish). They seemed slightly heavy-handed withe salt. The service wasn't bad, but on the other hand did not stand out. Something about the ambiance was a little off-putting, which I did not mind, but our table was extremely close to the two tables adjacent to ours. It felt like we were in the four-top's conversation while waiting for our next course and I could feel the guy next to us peering at our food. I like the overall concept of the place, but did not find most of the dishes worth the money paid. Would I go back? Not sure.