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Mar 1, 2010 09:36 AM

Serach for Austin Food Cart Greats

I am from Malaysia (street food capital) now living in Vancouver BC where food cart vendors are only allowed to serve hotdogs and chestnuts - even during the Olympics. I have a very short time in Austin - 2 days and want to spend every minute in front of a food cart, with an occasional break to check out SxSW. There seems too many to choose from. Help make my time there as efficient, effective and delicious. My preference is for SW food - whatever that is. Yipeee.

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  1. SO many great food carts in Austin. I recently attended a trailer tour organized by the food critic at the Austin American Statesman Addie Broyles and Jodi Bart of My favorites were Gordough's- fresh fried donuts with a variety of sweet and savory toppings (the flying pig has a maple glaze and topped with bacon!!!), Odd Duck right next to Gordough's is only open in the evenings but they do upscale food out of a trailer like turnip and mushroom soup with a poached duck egg, fabulous French pastries at La Boite, Franklin BBQ- central Texas is famous for its BBQ and this guy does it right with 4 delicious housemade sauces to choose from, the fried avacado taco at Izzoz's which also has a cool little fire pit to hang out after dark, and the East Side Kings behind Liberty Bar, these guys are chefs at one of the best restaurants in town, Uchi, which is also doing a street food fest on 3/21 if you are here that day. Here is the facebook link to East Meets Fest at Uchi and here is a link to a guide to the Austin Food Carts including menus and maps. I'm sure you will see a variety of pizza, taco, and kebab trailers downtown close to the music venues. The ones I mentioned are a mostly south of downtown except for Liberty Bar which is on E. 6th street and Franklin BBQ which is at 34th and IH 35 northbound. Welcome to Austin, hope you have a blast!

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      come on, if the op is from malaysia, they could probably get mexican tacos that are better/cheaper than izzos (which quite honestly, i have never been to - but i instinctively mistrust any taco cart thats not on the east side)

      i would recommend a taco cart on the east side, but i havent seen el taco rico open for a hot minute. nowadays there are many taco places open inside gas stations (mi ranchito; the one on fitzhugh) but honestly i gotta step my cart game up... i oughta open a paki cart or something, shoot...

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      1. There's a new cart on Red River between 6 & 7, down the block from Stoney's pizza. It just says "Asian Fast Food" which is odd, cuz it has cheesesteaks and hamburgers. It also mentions a pork sandwich and a chicken sandwich and from the picture, I asked "Is that like banh mi?" and the guy laughed and said "Yes, it's banh mi" (so i dunno why it's not listed as such).
        Anyway, the roll was reminiscent of Baguette House, so I asked, and indeed that's where he gets them. Had the pork, which was pretty good. Glad to have yet another option downtown when i'm tired of dogs/pizza/Kebabalicious