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Mar 1, 2010 09:29 AM

Downtown Salt Lake City - Save me from Convention Center food!

Hi Hounds,
Will be in downtown SLC four days next week for a convention/trade show. Any suggestions for places in walkable distance from the convention center for lunch? Favorites to eat: homemade soups, deli sandwiches on a tasty crusty baguette, authentic tacos (good taqueria buses are one of my faves!), farm-to-table fares, fresh salads, interesting flavor combos are all high on my list. Actually, anywhere that I can get something other than a salad in a plastic container will do and price doesn't matter.
Also need to entertain a client from the San Francisco Bay Area for dinner one night, so am looking for somewhat the same for dinner recs. I read about Metopolitan and Em's. Any others? We won't have a car, but could probably take a cab?
Thanks much in advance!

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  1. Take a cab to the Red Iguana.

    1. I'm assuming your convention is at the Salt Palace.
      Definitely try Olive Bistro. Located at 57 W. 200 S. it is a short walk away. Google it, I think you'll be sold.
      For your client dinner I recommend Bambara or The Copper Onion. Bambara is very close and the last meal I had there was excellent. Copper Onion is about half a mile from th Salt Palace.

      Other recommendations:
      Red Rock -- great food, but can get very loud. Not recommended for client dinner.
      Donovan's steak house -- Don't miss the complimentary prime steak sandwiches during Martini Hour
      Acme Burger -- I love their soups and salads. Usually skip the burger.
      Settebello -- yummy pizza and I love their salads.
      Caputo -- Italian market and deli. A little far to walk, but worth it.
      Bayleaf Cafe -- One Word: Chicken and Waffles!
      Siegfried's Delicatessan -- German deli, very casual

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      1. re: foodeaterslc

        Wonderful! Yes - my apologies - the convention is at the Salt Palace. Thanks so much for the recs - I will DEFINITELY try as many of these as I can. I'm so relieved to have good alternatives to lunches served in plastic clam shells. Thanks again!

        1. re: foodeaterslc

          Bayleaf cafe is terribly over rated. The fried chicken is fine, but stay away from the chicken and grits and ANYTHING asian.

          And if you are in a hurry, beware. The service is really hit or miss.

          Vienna Bistro accross the street is awesome. Great service and a good price. Will let you linger or have it to you quick if you prefer. Awesome food. Dessert was ok, but the food was amazing.

          Vienna Bistro
          132 S Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

          1. re: coconutgoddess

            I've only had chicken & waffles and fries&gravy at Bayleaf. I love the chicken and waffles! The chicken is fried perfectly. The fries & gravy were good the first time I had them. Tasted like liquid smoke the next. yuck. Service is not too great. Atmosphere not great either. So, even though I recommended them above I guess I am only recommending them if you want chicken and waffles. hopefully they will improve the rest in the future.

        2. I heard that there was a great bakery in SLC, can't remember the name...

          (bluemtn43, I'd love feedback of places you visited as I'm heading there soon.)

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          1. re: Funwithfood

            Reporting back...

            Had some terrific food on my visit, thanks to help from y'all & the concierge at my hotel.

            Les Madeleines--fantastic bakery, wish it was nearby my house!
            Market Street Grill: tasty and reasonably priced breakfast
            Cettabello: Great woodfired pizza, and delicious gelato (adjacent)
            Oasis Cafe: Best fennel tomato soup, served with grilled cheese sandwich. Yum!
            Canella's: Tasty & reasonably priced Italian food
            Squatter's: Fun ambience pretty tasty food, nice beers.
            Royal Eatery: Tasty early Sunday breakfast when everything else was closed.
            Red Rock: Not the best, maybe I ordered wrong

            Royal Eatery
            379 S Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

            Market Street Grill
            260 S 1300 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

          2. Metropolitan is a great place to entertain clients. Bambara @ the Monaco is always stellar as well for entertaining. Spencer's in the Hilton is the best in the city for steak (both natural and prime), and their wine list is divine. For lunch, walk 2 blocks south of the Salt Palace, turn right on 300 South and hit Squatter's Brew Pub. Great locally produed food, good organic/vegan options. Their salads and dressings are so good...their turkey burger is TDF. Ditto to what everyone else suggested around the SPCC. Don't get lured in by the Sandbar. It's Sysco mexican. if you don't have time to take a cab to Red Iguana, walk to Blue Iguana (next to SPCC). Across from Monaco. It's a good 2nd to Red.

            Red Iguana
            736 W North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84116

            202 S. Main St., Salt Lake City, UT 84101

            Blue Iguana
            165 S West Temple, Salt Lake Cty, UT 84101

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            1. re: foodandwinefreak

              Thanks so much!!

              (Love the term "Sysco" mexican. :))

              1. re: Funwithfood

                I go to Utah once a month for business, and I swear "Forage" is one of the best restaurants in the whole region. It's almost like they were crazy to open it in Salt Lake City - it really should be in NYC or Chicago with the stuff they're doing.

                  1. re: Funwithfood

                    For one thing, you get like 8 courses with any meal - even if you don't get the tasting menu. And every single one of them is delicious. If I had to point to something, I guess I would say their balance and creativity is outstanding. Going again tomorrow night.