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Mar 1, 2010 09:07 AM

Driving the PCH in August, need suggestions


My wife and I of 3 years are finally able to take a honeymoon, so we have chosen to drive from San Francisco on a Sunday down to LA, we will have 7 days to make the trip. I would appreciate any and all suggestions on places that we must stop in for a good bite to eat.

We are open to all cusines (though she does not love Asian), and price points. Looking for good food, with nice atmosphere, and some good fresh cooking! Thanks so much,

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  1. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

    1. One thing to remember is that State Route 1 ( your PCH) does not travel along the coast the whole distance from SF to LA. It starts in SF (covered on the SF Bay Area board), then scenic pretty hugs the coast to Morro Bay. Then it moves slightly inland from the coast and merges with U.S. 101 in San Luis Obispo for the rest of the trip.

      Conveniently, most towns (and chow) are aligned along 101, as it was established as the main business route through the small agricultural towns just inland from the ocean. Once you pass the Santa Ynez Valley (famous for its wineries) in SB county, 101 and 1 move to the coast again and travel the blufftops until you enter Goleta, just north of SB. After threading through SB, the highway(s) follow along the coast again to Ventura., then go inland again. Here the route enters the domain of the L.A. Board, so you must search there.

      Try searching first, follow some of the threads, and do more specific searches in towns or areas that pique your interest. Ask for more clarification here if needed.

      (FYI: "Central Coast" covers approximately the area from Santa Barbara up to Monterey. While extremely scenic, chow and fuel are few and far between in the Big Sur, so plan chow and gas stops carefully)

      here's a discussion of wine tating in Santa Barbara county:

      try these for a start, then do some searching. Your topic has been heavily covered here.