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Mar 1, 2010 08:45 AM

Kunya Siam - New Thai restaurant in Atlantic Highlands

Kunya Siam opened 2 weeks ago at the old "Royal Thai" location in Atlantic Highlands with a new chef/owner. I never went to Royal Thai so I cannot compare it, however I have been to many Thai restaurants throughout the US. I am happy to say I was impressed with all the food we had.

Started off with Vegetable Dumplings and Grilled Sat-Tay. The dumplings were delicious and the sauce they came with was outstanding. I recommend these. The only downfall was the portion size. It was ony four small dumlpings. If the portion size is all to complain about, then good for them. The Grilled Sat-Tay consisted of four marinated pieces of chicken served with cucumber relish and peanut sauce. The sauces were again outstanding, especially the peanut sauce and the chicken was very moist and flavorful.

Ordered three entress: Grilled Beef, Rama Peanut Sauce, and Pad Se-Ew chicken. The Grilled Beef was by far the best out of the three. It was a marinated skirt steak served with sticky rice and a spicy sweet and sour sauce. The sauce had just enough heat to make your tounge tingle and the meat was cooked great. The Rama Peanut Sauce was also very good. It is steamed chicken served with broccoli, mali rice, and covered in peanut sauce. Great portion size and all in all delicious. The Pad Se-Ew Chicken is chicken served with rice noodles, egg, soy sauce, and broccoli. The rice noodles were a great compliment to the chicken and broccoli and again a great dish.

The one complaint I did have was the heat factor. I would have like a spicier dish being that it is Thai food. I did ask and receive extra chili paste which did the job.

I recommend this place for anyone looking for some great Thai food in Monmouth County.

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  1. Did they offer a condiment tray to help spice things up? The lack of this was one of the things I noted about Royal Thai...

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      They did not offer a condiment tray. That would have been a nice addition. As I said, they did bring me some chili paste when asked. Maybe they will read this post and start it up.

    2. I ordered take out from there on Sunday afternoon. They have a new menu and I was pleased with my order. I'm vegan so I of course had the tofu and vegetable soup and the mixed vegetables and tofu. Veggies were fresh and I requested spicy, which both orders were. I would go back and would recommend them gladly. I am not an expert on Thai cuisine by any means but have tried many Thai places. Thanks!

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      1. Went for the second time on Monday night in a horrible rainstorm. We were the only two in the restaurant at 7PM. The first time we were there they were timid on the spice even though we ordered two star spiced dishes. This time I asked for spice and I wasn't disappointed. The coffee duck was ultra crisp and out of this world. Reminded me of the great duck at the late restaurant Manow. Also had the "spaghetti" with shrimp, spicy, and it was delicious! Our last dish was yellow curry chicken and that was yummo too. Hopefully they will be able to keep this up when word gets out that there is some serious food being served at this local Thai restaurant. One word to you and to the restaurant. If it's cold out, bring a sweater, they keep the place like it's the Orient- VERY LITTLE HEAT!!

        1. Thanks for recommending the vegetable dumplings. I have ordered them each time I've been to Kunya Siam and I love them! As a vegan, I am very limited to what I can order. I am so glad they re-opened. They are very gracious and I think the portions are generous. I can't speak for most of the menu but the vegetarian menu items are delicious and obviously fresh.