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Mar 1, 2010 08:39 AM

Good Pizza in S. Lewisville, Coppell, or N. Carrollton

Can anyone give me a good recommendation of a quality place for pizza in the S. Lewisville (Vista Ridge Mall), N. Carrollton (Down to Sandy Lake) and Coppell area? I have a craving every so often for some pizza.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Cavalli Pizza will do it , its a small family owned pizza place

      1. Parmas Pizza is the best around. 291 E Round Grove Rd. Not open on Sundays but it is a small BYOB place, friendly staff.

        1. Cavalli is outstanding. Maurizio's at the corner of Sandy Lake and Denton Tap in Coppell is very good.also. You can't go wrong with either place if pizza is what you are after.

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            Could you go into some more detail about what you liked about Maurizio's? How is it different versus Cavalli?

            1. re: air

              Cavalli is mostly pizza, some salads ( I like the Irving Salad ) a few pasta items. Place your order at the counter and pay, then someone brings the food out. Very casual. The pizza here is true Neopolitan style pizza from a wood burning oven, and it is consistently excellent. Maurizio's is a sit down neighborhood Italian place with pizzas, pastas, salads, and mains. They also have a wood burning oven, and though it opened only a few weeks ago, I have had their pizza three times already. It is way above average. With some time using the oven and getting their process down, they may rival Cavalli at some point. Right now I would rate Cavalli higher on their pizza. The pizza at both places is worth seeking out and is some of the best I've had, especially in the Coppell/Lewisville/Carrolton area.

              1. re: supeRex

                Went to Cavalli's today and was so impressed. I've been to lots of pizza places and as far as I'm concerned, nothing in the metroplex comes close! Go Now!

          2. I guess I am one of the few people that wasnt impressed with Cavalli Pizza. I mean, it tasted okay and the ingredients were very fresh but it just didnt do it for me. It was just too small and too light. When I eat pizza, I want to feel somewhat bloated afterwards. Like I dont need another meal for the rest of the day. I ate an entire Cavalli pizza and was still hungry when I was done. And no, Im not some huge fat guy. If it is a crappy chain pizza like Papa Johns I am usually pretty much stuffed after 3 slices. I think I could easily down 2 entire pizzas from Cavalli's in one sitting. At that price, its just not worth it to me.

            If anyone is still lookin for pizza in that general area, New York Pizza and Pasta in Valley Ranch is pretty good. It was excellent a few years ago when Sal was still there. That dude made the best pizza that I have ever had. He sold that place and opened another joint in south irving by Northlake. The new owners still make a good pizza compared to everything else in the area, though. You might want to give them a shot. Or take a roadtrip to Sal's place off Walnut Hill in Irving and have your life forever changed. That man is a pizza artist.

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            1. re: down73

              Wow. I beg to differ. Insanely fresh ingredients, light crust that is perfectly crispy with a slight firmness to it with just the perfect amount of char, no grease running off the edges, etc. The best part was that it didn't make me feel sick to my stomach afterwards. Plenty filling for me. Definitely worth the drive!

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                I don't think Neapolitan style is supposed to be a stomach stuffer like the traditional chain pizzas (or Sicilian or Chicago). The intent is that this is a meal to be savored and leisurely enjoyed (whereas years of chain training have many of us wolfing slices down as fast as the molten cheese lets us). My past Neapolitan experiences have been very similar: a thin smallish pizza, a bit pricey, make with some skill and quality ingredients. If you want to stuff yourself find an (American) Sicilian style square pizza.

                Personally, I despise the stuffed feeling of overeating (especially on dough). I've tried pretty much every style and settled on Neapolitan and NYC (cheese only please) as my styles of choice. I'm making four pizzas tonight, in fact. Small pizzas, different (fresh/freshly made) toppings on each, feeding two (probably with leftovers). I learned to make my own after giving up crappy chain pizza and not wanting to spend so much on top quality pizza. Not the same as having an industrial strength oven but good enough for the pleasures of homemade.

                Oh, and I've only been once but Cavalli was pretty good on my visit.

                1. re: down73

                  If you are looking for New York Pizza don't go to a place advertising authentic Neapolitan. Real Italian pizza is supposed to be light almost opaque crust with very little "goop' basically light cheese some sauce and other fresh ingredients. Most pizza places in Italy will be spotted with mozzarella not drowned.