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Mar 1, 2010 08:08 AM

3 Nights in Portland, Looking for best places to eat

I will be in Portland for 3 nights over Easter weekend. What are some restaurants that 4 foodies must eat at. Looking for traditional New England fare for at least one night. Also, we will need to find a good place to have some drinks and watch the Final Four.

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  1. I've enjoyed watching a few ballgames from the bar of the Front Room. Nice menu, too.

    When you say "traditional New England far," one assumes you are talking about seafood. I think I'd probably check out Street and Company for that.

    Maybe try to fit in a brunch at Caiola's.

    And if you can, take a morning to pick up bagels and coffee at Scratch and then drive another mile or so to the Cape Elizabeth lighthouse to enjoy them.

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      I second the Street and Co recommendation. Additionally Id suggest the Merry Table Creperie, for a leisurely breakfast. The Brian Boru is great for some good comfort/pub food. Finally I always enjoy Dock Fore for drinks and game watching :-)

    2. Don't miss Hugo's, the restaurant run by last years James Beard award winner for Best Chef Northeast, Rob Evans. I have never had less than a sublime experience having the six course blind tasting there. Fore St, Bresca, Evangeline, and Caiolas will also be suggested. I can second Fore ST, but am still looking forward to trying the others. People will also suggest 555, but I was unimpressed on my one visit there. Enjoy Evans other restaurant Duckfat for lunch, great fries and paninis.

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        how much are the tasting menus at Hugos? thanks

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          Depending on what they are serving, it seems to vary a small bit. Last time we went it was $75 per person for 6 courses (plus their amazing potato biscuits). They also do a nice 1/2 glass per course wine tasting for $30-35 pp.

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            thanks-- it seems they have a "chef's menu" as well ($135 for 10-12 courses, must reserve ahead, they prefer not to make this available on weekends), unfortunately, the people I'm going with are a strictly ala carte crowd

        1. As far as food goes you will get plenty of replies and you won't have enough nights to get to all of the great places in Portland. If you're Foodies you should check out Rabelais Books next door to Hugos, a store dedicated to culinary's amazing and should be on every food persons list when visiting Portland. Not sure if I spelled it right but I'm sure you can find it, they have a great website you can check out ahead of time.

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