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Mar 1, 2010 08:06 AM

How long in the freezer

I have a 6 lb brisket that is cryovaced and has been in my freezer since June, 2009. Do you think it is okay to eat? Any signs that will let me know it has gone bad.

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    1. Yes, cook it...I've had meat in my freezer as long and when cooked, still delish. Signs are if it has a rotten smell otherwise into the pot...

      1. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think meat "goes bad" in terms of safety in the freezer. It might suffer in quality and taste but does not spoil.

        1. Properly frozen (ie. constant temp in the freezer) meat won't go "bad" as in spoiled.

          You'll have a degradation in taste and texture, but it'll be safe to eat. You may not enjoy it, but it won't kill you.

          1. There's a good chance that since it's cryopacked, it won't have any freezer burn, expecially if it has been at the back of the freezer, away from temperature fluctuations near the door.
            Once it thaws, you'll probably detect any off smells. Last week I thawed a duck that had been accidentally frozen, partially-thawed, and refrozen. It smelled fine cold, but once it had been in the oven a while I could smell old, near-rancid fat. Discarded the skin (boo-hoo!) and at just the breast and leg meat, which was okay. The rest got boiled up, de-fatted, de-boned and frozen for the dogs, who are getting a gulp's worth once a week.