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Mar 1, 2010 08:05 AM

Chowhounds: hoping for advice on where to go (birthdays and wedding anniv. rolled into one)

Hi Everyone,

My husband and I happen to have birthdays within 5 days of each other and we actually got married a year ago on March 7th, which is in between our 2 birthdays.

Was hoping for a place with solid vegetarian options (not totally veggie - not Candle 79, not Dirt Candy, not Blossom) not a veggie place, just a place with good options.

Looking for the best food (any type) that has entrees between 15-40 bucks (with most of the items being 20-30). Needs to be available for this Saturday (not totally booked up, for example Blue Hill was sold out). Just care about the food, not service or decor. Can be anywhere in Manhattan but prefer below 86th Street. Any ideas greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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    1. Cafe Boulud is one of our favorites. There are four a la carte menus, one of which is dedicated to vegetarian dishes. The cuisine is superb, service is polished, and the space has lovely decor. Down the hall from the dining room, Bar Pleiades, which opened a few months ago, is wonderful place to relax with a pre-dinner drink.

      Photos of our most recent meal at Cafe Boulud can be viewed here:

      Happy Celebrations and Bon Appetit!

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        I have never been to Cafe Boulud, but I didnt know that it had an a la carte menu dedicated to vegetarian dishes. Is this menu available online? I don't see it on the website. Thanks.

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          Yes, all four menus are on on Cafe Boulud's website. I've provided the link to the menu page. Scroll down. The vegetarian menu is the third one: "Le Potager - Inspired by the Market"

          Note: The other three are La Tradition, La Saison, and Le Voyage.

      2. You might give City Hall in Tribeca a call. Good to excellent food, and they have always paid attention to the vegetables in our experience. Beautiful room, prices about what you are seeking. Large, comfortable tables and booths, with plenty of elbow room.

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          It doesn't sound as though you're looking for pure vegetarian, so Pure Food and Counter are out...La Grenouille has a vegetarian menu, and Broadway East has good vegetarian options (though their chef has changed, so i don't know if that's still true, and it's not quite as much a special occasion place).

          This is so funny - My birthday is the 5th, my sister's is the 11th, and my parents anniversary is also t he 7th...must be something about March!