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Mar 1, 2010 07:21 AM

Sammys Romanian--How Much Will I Spend?

A group of friends -about 12-wants to go to Sammys for a night of food and drinks. How much should I expect to spend? We will be eating but we will also be drinking. I say about $100 a head total. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. "How much should I expect to spend?"

    Far too much - more like $150 a head for bad food.

    I've said it before but it's worth noting again - you could go to a first rate steakhouse and pay less than you'll throw away at Sammy's.

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    1. re: Bob Martinez

      Sammy's is unique if you want that experience.
      The food is wonderful, I much prefer the ribsteake
      Aslk to do a fixed menu with them and set the price for the group.
      Makes it far easier and better
      Certainly less than a hundred per
      Desserts are lousy, just skip it and but whole bottles of vodka
      far cheaper
      enjoy, in fact, i think a prix fixe is on the menu
      \ask for Mel

      1. re: foodismylife

        My jaw is dropping as I read the response "the food is wonderful". Let me try to stop myself from going past saying that I agree with Bob Martinez. You're paying for the show. And it's not that great a show. Maybe if you drink enough....

      2. re: Bob Martinez

        $150? I'm totally confused. The most expensive appetizer & entree cost about $53 before tax and tip. At $150 are people each drinking a half-bottle of vodka? Based on the prices on menupages I don't see how you could possibly pay $150 if you wanted to. Is it because they have some ridicuous pre-fixe option for large groups?

        Not trying to come across as argumentative at all - just want to make sure I understand before making a reservation there.

        I can order an appetizer for ~$10, an entree for $25, a couple drinks at say $10 a piece, and walk out paying around $60, right? Or am I missing something?


        1. re: jvchow19

          If you're not drinking, it's not going to be $150 per person (more like the $53 you've quoted). I haven't been to Sammy's in more than 10 years (used to go with my folks--no one drinks anything stronger than egg creams), and it was probably $50 or so per person.

          1. re: jvchow19

            Yes, it's the vodka. It's far more expensive than it should be.

            I'm not the only one to complain about the inflated prices. There's lots of supporting detail here -

            Most people drink and most people get ripped off. OTOH, *everybody* gets to hear the painfully unfunny comedian and eat the crappy streak.

            1. re: Bob Martinez

              Some of the food is just fine, and sometimes there is music instead of crappy comedy.

              1. re: Bob Martinez

                Funny how you consider highy marked up alcohol here to be a rip-off, but other places which mark up alcohol just as much don't get complained about.

                For the person asking.....just make sure you ask the prices of booze before you order, and plan accordingly.

                I like the Romanian tenderloin steak, the chopped liver, the sweetbreads, the unborn egg, kishka, karnatzlach...

                They add 20% gratuity for parties of 6 or more. And there might be a cover charge sometimes (not sure).

                Just be informed by asking the restaurant before you go.

                1. re: gutsofsteel

                  >Funny how you consider highly marked up alcohol here to be a rip-off, but other places which mark up alcohol just as much don't get complained about.

                  Hard to assess this exchange without some context. Anyone know the markup at Sammy's? And anyone know other places that mark it up just as much?

                  1. re: squid kun

                    The bottles of frozen vodka are about 3 x retail.

            2. It's hard to know why you picked Sammy's, unless you are expecting some kind of amazing entertainment (don't). The food is as bad as people around here are telling you. As for the cost, vodka by the bottle is $100 (it's ten bucks by the glass, give or take a dime). If you are light drinkers, you might just keep the check to $100 a head, plus tax and tip. If you are thirsty, Bob Martinez has warned you.

              1. i did not pick sammys and i don't want to go but i might have no choice. im trying to create an argument for the bf so i or we don't have to go. a friend organized the dinner for a group of people but i am not in a position to ask to change the location. if i'm spending $100+ pp on dinner i want a fantastic meal. so annoyed.

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                1. re: fein

                  It is time for the White Lie. The day before the event email them that you or your boyfriend is beginning to come down with something - a bad cold, swine flu, scurvy, the bubonic plague. It really doesn't matter what. Tell them you hope you'll be well enough to attend because you're really looking forward to it.

                  Then the next day send a sad email claiming that you've gotten worse and you're going to have to cancel. It's a big group - they'll get by without you. And sometime around noon the next day you'll start to hear reports of bad food and sky high prices. "Oh, you're so lucky that you didn't go! It was awful!"

                  If you can't save everybody, save yourself.

                  1. re: Bob Martinez

                    Well, my Roumanian steak was perfectly rare and memorable: uh, it was 1961 and that's the last time I was there...

                2. its been awhile since been here, but im pretty sure for larger groups sammys has a prix fix with potato latkes, pickles, sausage, chopped liver, dumplings, steak, rugelahs and a couple other things. u should call and ask if they still have it. i dont remember how much it cost per person i was a little boy but i dont think it was too bad.

                  1. There are some serious sticks in the mud here. Yes, it's overpriced. No, the food is not going to blow you away. But, if you follow this formula:

                    a.) go with a big, fun group of friends (sounds like you've got that)
                    b.) suspend all disbelief (of course it's cheesy, that's the point)
                    c.) have a few more drinks than you normally would

                    ... I dare say you'll have a more memorable time than you ever would at yet another boring, typical New York steakhouse. You'll be entertained for hours.... you'll laugh... you'll take pictures... you might even dance. For my money, that's a hell of a lot more fun than eating a strip steak with a side of creamed spinach in a stuffy, pretentious dining room.

                    Stop complaining and just have some fun!