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Mar 1, 2010 07:02 AM

Bermuda Lifestyle

I wanted to know if someone would be able to tell me about food available for home cooks in Bermuda. I keep reading that it is expensive and nearly everything is imported. Are there many markets? Any specialty markets? Do people eat out a lot or cook at home?

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  1. Surprisingly Bermuda has a very good variety of food stuffs available for the home cook. Mind you, we're not talking a vast variety of ethnic cuisines but some basic staples are always available. But yes, it does tend to be expensive compared to what you would pay in mainland North America as everything does need to be shipped in from overseas. Even local produce is expensive due to high land usage costs. But having said that, there is an abundance of locally produced stuff that is available. Every Saturday morning from 8 am to noon, there is the Farmer's Market located in the Bull's Head parkade in Hamilton. There are a couple farm stands in and around the island as well as local fisherman who sell their catch from their trucks by the side of the road.
    I tend to cook at home a lot because I enjoy cooking and it's cheaper than eating out as well.

    Hope this helps you out.

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      This does help, thanks! I had read in a few places that very little is grown on the island but it's nice to know that isn't true and that farmer's markets are available.
      What about in the way of cooking classes/clubs/foodie networks?

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        A typical past Saturday at the farmer's market had carrots, cauliflower, various lettuces, shanghai bok choy, spinach, napa cabbage, bananas and grapefruits and other stuff I can't remember off the top of my head.

        Cooking classes can be had through International Imports, which is basically the one dedicated cooking equipment supply shop on the island. If you provide me an email address, I can send you their current offerings. There is another lady on the island who does cooking classes but I believe she is private so you arrange classes with her. Not much of a foodie network to speak of except I have friends who all enjoy food. Otherwise, I believe there are me, Athena and BermudaGourmetGoddess who reside in Bermuda who post here regularly.

        Sadly, there used to be an annual food festival that was quite fun but has discontinued I believe due to lack of sponsorship and funding. Alas, one of the best meals in my life came about at one of those events, when Tom Colichio (of Top Chef and Craft fame) came to the island and did a dinner at one of the hotels. *sigh*...

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          Thanks for all of the info! My boyfriend and I are looking for work in Bermuda and I'm trying to find out as much as possible.

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            Beachy1, I am envious..and I wish you luck. If you are in insurance you might make it..getting work is hard unless of course you are Bermudian..

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              What I like about grocery shopping here is that we have stuff from the US, UK, Europe, NZ, even South African sausages - makes using all kinds of recipes much easier.

              As well as the farmers market there is a community garden (there may be more than one) and people who have the space have kitchen gardens.

              The Government's Community Education Development Programme offers a variety of cooking classes.

              As you're looking to come and live here I can tell you that the best food is in people's homes - restaurants and hotels are OK, but really you haven't lived until you've stepped into a kitchen where malasadas or codfish cakes are hot from the frying pan.

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                  December! Thought about it the last time you were here but didn't want to intrude on your anniversary-time ;-)

                  1. re: Athena

                    Ya hoo! Look forward to it next December :) !!!

                2. re: Athena

                  Ah yes, I totally forgot about the community education programme as well.

                  And I do agree that the best food does come from home (although dang it, fish sandwiches from Art Mel's are so hard to replicate). Lol.

                3. re: Beachy1

                  Good luck with the job search. I would have to say that getting work down here is pretty tough these days. Not sure what field you're looking in but even accountants are hard pressed these days.

                  1. re: bdachow

                    Thanks for all of the advice!
                    We're both in the legal field. Yes, the opportunities are limited but it seems like there are at least a few out there. We're keeping our fingers crossed!