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Mar 1, 2010 07:01 AM

Authentic Korean BBQ

Hi everyone!
I'm looking for a good Korean BBQ place in Toronto. I've been to the chains downtown (i.e. Korean grill house, Yummy BBQ) and it always leaves me full but wanting something a little better. I know that I won't find something as good as what I had in Korea, but there must be something better!

I've tried Miga in Mississauga - not bad, a little pricey but the quality was much better. Any other places? Bonus points if they give you the perilla leaves to wrap your delicious and sizzling meat in before greedily shoving it in your mouth!!


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  1. Try Sariwon (7388 Yonge St.). It's a little pricier, but it's worth it.

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      I could not comment on authenticity, but Sariwon offers a great Korean BBQ meal. Comparison to a place like the Korean Grill House will be almost insulting. be sure to order the marinated short ribs...

    2. hmmm..okay I'm going to try that, or Seoul House (which is a little more convenient, transportation wise). I heard they have charcoal grills @ Seoul House!

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        just dont expect too much service-wise :)

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            I wouldn't call them rude, but they are not the most attentive and congenial servers in the world either. depends heavily on how busy it is, in my experience.

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              I didn't end up doing BBQ at Seoul House, I had a really strong craving for soup instead :P But the service was very good, I think we were served by the owner who was really sweet! It was a huge crowd (23) and everything was good and fast :)

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                oh, sorry for the apparent confusion, my comments on service went to Sariwon.

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                  ah! Glad that's cleared up. I still have high hopes for Sariwon though

      2. Not sure if you went for your korean BBQ yet, but when I want authentic Korean BBQ I head to Seoul Garden right on Steeles and Kennedy, attached to Market Village. It's nicely ventilated, which you want, and it's all you can eat (if you want). Great service, as they change the grilling plates for you too. Check it out!

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          Anybody else been to Seoul Garden at Market Village recently? I don't know when the change was made but it's now electric grills all around. Not only that, but with four of us eating and after our second round of food, we were getting quite a bit of burnt stuff stuck to our food. We flagged down the waitress asking for a grill change and apparently they don't do that anymore. Our server came back with a stack of paper table napkins and started wiping down the burning hot grill! We just sort of watched awkwardly, it was clearly NOT a good cleaning method for us and our poor server. She managed to shovel a good deal of it to a corner but there were still little burnt crumbs on the grill. There must be ANY better way to clean it if they're not going to change it to a new one. We've been here a handful of times in the past but I think we'll check out another place next time. No complaints about the service there, it was busy but they were efficient and nice.

          Seoul Garden
          4350 Steeles Ave E, Markham, ON L3R9V4, CA

        2. The new restaurant ' Karzan' at the corner of Yonge and Weldrick is Korean run. Very nice decor and service on top of excellent authentic Korean B-B-Q and cuisine. Worth a visit!!