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Mar 1, 2010 05:59 AM

Chow worthy Montauk Restaurants in the off-season

Need Montauk recs for the upcoming weekend (3/6-7).

Is the Shagwong still good? Just basics, good burger, steaks, fish, etc. Nothing too trendy.

Looking for the "old reliables."

Thank you.

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  1. I tend to avoid Shagwong at all costs, they've been trying to fancy up their menu but still one of the worst places in town. Just go across the circle to O'Murphys, much more pleasant and the food is fresh and delicious. For real basics, you have Montauket, their food is actually very good, although the vibe is a little funky. Worth it for the view, and the conversation around the bar (where you'll probably be sitting). They might only be open for lunch, strictly 12 to 2, so check first. The Inlet Seafood restaurant on the other side of town just opened I believe, they are a little more upscale but not over the top, the freshest seafood in town, and excellent sushi. And again, the view!

    I think that might be it, unless MTK Cafe right across from Shagwong is open? If so, I recommend them also over Shagwong.

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      Thank you. I have been to the Montauket for drinks and heard the food was good, although it is a little more "old man's bar" than I might like for dinner, esp. But, it could be good for lunch.

      Sounds like O'Murphy' s is our dinner spot unless we want to trek to EH or Amagansett.

      I have always heard about the Inlet. Do they serve anything other than fish, as my SO does not eat!!!!!

      1. re: JGS

        They usually have one chicken dish, one steak (nothing fancy), a burger and a vegetarian option. Even if your SO doesn't go for the food, you will both enjoy the scenery.

        Montaukett I have only been for lunch, don't even know if they serve dinner. Again the view alone is worth it. O'Murphys you can go more than once, they have a varied menu with lots of choices, and has heat too (not everyone does this time of year...)

        1. re: JGS

          Just a though, if you do end up going to Amagansett, Indian Wells Tavern is great, and a new Spanish place called D'Canela is getting rave reviews, somehow connected to Estia: breakfast lunch and dinner but BYOB. They could both be just what you're looking for.

          1. re: coll

            Thanks Coll!

            I always enjoy reading your posts.

            I will report back after the weekend.

            1. re: JGS

              Looking forward to hearing what you have to report. I love Montauk this time of year, it's so primal.