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Mar 1, 2010 05:49 AM

Ostrich in Central or Northern NJ

I am a huge fan of ostrich and am having no luck finding a place to buy any type of ostrich meat either in Central Jersey or Northern Jersey.

I used to buy the patties at a couple different Whole Foods but they no longer carry it, I believe because of the cost. Also, Fuddruckers used to have ostrich burgers but also due to cost no longer carry.

I may have to resort to looking into mail order but I was hoping there was some place that had it that would become my new source. If there were ever a place that would have this information, I am guessing it would be here.

Thanks a lot.

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  1. Fuddruckers on Rt 22 near the Bridgewater Mall Still has ostrich burgers. I ate one there two weeks ago.

    1. Fossil Farms carries ostrich. According to their web site, they will be opening a new retail store in Boonton this summer.

      I have seen ostrich on numerous restaurant menus, most recently at Origin Thai in Somerville.

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      1. re: ambrose

        Yes, good point on Origin Thai. I have gotten the ostrich there.

        I am more looking for meat to cook at home. Disappointed at W Foods and Delicious Orchards for not having. Ill pay the extra money.

      2. Yankeefan

        Kings Supermarkets carries ostrich meat. They do not have it all the time in every location, but you can always call and ask them to order it for you. They also carry buffalo and other "exotic" meats)

        Here is their website for locations

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          Agree with PuniceaRana - I got ostrich meat at Kings in Garwood. They can order fresh or they have it in the freezer sometimes. (I also bought rack of wild boar there which was delicious!)

          Good luck!

        2. All Kings supermarkets carry it, I believe. If they don't have it fresh, they always have it in the freezer section.

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          1. re: GarageRock

            Thank you both, that is surprising. I have asked the Kings in Morristown in the past as well as the one in Bedminster. It had been a while back so I will try again.

            I really hope they do have it, thanks a lot.

          2. I unfortunately did not have luck on my ventures to a couple different Kings, one in Bedminster area and other in Morristown. They said they did not carry it and used to on special occassions. Morristown actually recommended I try Shop Rite or CostCo but I know that is barking up the wrong tree.

            Are there other King's that you all had referenced. I had my hopes up and now I'm still ostrich-less.

            On to continue the search....

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            1. re: yankeefan


              I am sorry you had some trouble. I shop at the Kings in Mendham, and have had no trouble. I do usually call in and order if I am definitely needing it on a specific day. Mendham is only about 15 minutes from the Bernardsville or Morristown stores, so hopefully it should not be too far out of your way. Mendham is great about special orders for ANYTHING, TBH. They are also very willing to custom cut stuff for me as well. Being it is only two of us, I get fresh turkey breasts, and have them cut it into 2 "halves" for roasting. I also have had them trim and cut whole tenderloins into steaks, and a whole pork loin into chops and a roast. They did it while I waited , cut and wrapped to my specifications/request. AWESOME! Give them a call....(973) 543-4493 and ask for the meat dept. for a special order.