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Mar 1, 2010 05:19 AM

Headed to Naples for a wedding this weekend. Looking for recs, please

Greetings, Florida board! I'm a Marylander who's lucky enough to be leaving the remains of our blizzard behind (at least for a few days). My husband and I will be staying at La Playa this weekend and are considering our dining options. We want to avoid touristy or chain restaurants at all costs. When we travel, we like to hit restaurants favored by locals. Otherwise, why bother leaving home?

We prefer moderately priced, upscale casual restaurants. We're not looking for fine dining...just a great Naples experience.

After some research on this board, it looks like IM Tapas should be a definite. I've seen recs for USS Nemo, Wyld's, and Bleu Provance as well. We have two dinners and two lunches to fill. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks so much!!


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  1. I'll toss in Bay House, serving excellent seafood overlooking the Cocohatchee River with an updated old florida feel, and Angelina's, which is Italian and imo the best restaurant in the whole area. The choices you mentioned are very good. The Bay House is open for lunch. Another option for lunch is Baleen in your hotel. Dinner is very good but extremely pricey. Lunch is reasonable and has a beautiful setting on the beach looking out at the gulf.

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      I'm from Maryland, too. We spend the summers there, winters in Naples. ReverendAndy is a respected local foodie/gourmand and his recommendations are valuable.

      Recently there was a similar thread that contains some very good suggestions:

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        Yup...saw that post (it was the basis of my research!). Thanks so much for both of your replies. I have res at IM and Nemo at this point and will likely play lunch by ear. I will certainly keep Bay House in mind.