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Mar 1, 2010 04:59 AM

Surf and Turf in Baltimore-Ellicott City area

I have a birthday request from someone who would like a surf and turf dinner as a birthday gift. I know that they have thisw at the Prime Rib, but does anyone have aqny other ideas?

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  1. Capital Grille on Pratt Street downtown?

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    1. Snyder's Willow Grove at Hammond's Ferry Road and 695 in Linthicum. It's old school, but reliable despite the mortuary appearance of the exterior. I took a crew of dedicated carnivores there last week and they loved it. I had a perfect slab of prime rib, some of the other guys had filets with lobster tails and crab cakes. The oysters were also first rate. Everything was surprisingly good, even the cocktails, which were tasty and generous. Seven of us ate and drank like happy pigs and the bill was about $460, which included a healthy tip.

      1. I agree with both "HungryinBmore" as a nice place to enjoy a delicious meal, but it isn't up to the standards of the Prime Rib. Still, it is a quality restaurant.

        As far as
        flavrneustr's" Snyder's Willow Grove Restaurant---Very excellent prime rib, but can't recommend lobster since I've never ordered it there. My husband and I only order lobster on special occassions at the high end restaurants--i.e., Ruths' Chris, Flemings, Morton's Steakhouse, Prime Rib.

        Nonetheless, Snyder's or Capital Grille ( major price difference and atmosphere to be considered), would provide a great celebration. FoiGras

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          I actually take a different view on lobster -- unless it's lobster thermidor or lobster savannah, we're just talking about boiling the lobster, which is as easily done at a seaside lobster shack in Maine as at the Prime Rib. Bottom line -- it's very hard to find bad lobster.