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Mar 1, 2010 04:33 AM

Vegetarian/Vegan in Portland, ME?

Going to be doing some solo dining in Portland and I'm a fan of Green Elephant, but I wonder which of the other local favorites are good for vegetarian fare. Doesn't have to be vegan, but I find that a lot of fine-dining type spots will often go heavy on the cheese and butter with their vegetarian selections (often pasta), and it'd be nice to have other other selections, too.

I've been keeping a mostly vegetarian diet lately and intend to stick with it, but I know very well that the fries at Duckfat are going to be singing their siren song to me when I visit...

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  1. Paciarino on Fore Street has lots of vegetarian pasta options, and they aren't really heavy on the butter or cheese. And it's a wonderful restaurant besides.

    You can put together a really nice meal of appetizers and meze at Emilitsa that are vegetarian, and they usually have one vegetarian main course.

    1. PPH vegie writer Avery Yale Kamila on Mane Restaurant Week participants with vegie options; probably most would have something anytime:

      1. Silly's has a large number of surprisingly good vegan/vegetarian options on their eclectic menu. Save room for the vegan cake of the day.

        40 Washington Ave, Portland, ME 04101

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          Great suggestions-- thanks! Tonight I checked out Local188, on the recommendation of my innkeeper (and the added recommendation from the Portland Press Herald article), I was very pleased. Their sauteed mushroom appetizer was especially delicious, and the vegetables definitely occupied center stage with the polenta entree. I also appreciated that they let me hang out solo at the bar with some work papers for a good 3 and a half hours. Great welcome to the city. Looking forward to trying some other places tomorrow and Wednesday....

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            I just discovered GRO Organic on Congress Street. Somewhat limited menu, more a cafe than restaurant. Lots of raw food options. Yummy smoothies and chocolate.

        2. Pepper club? That's veg right? I haven't been in years, so not sure what the food is like.... And right across the street from duckfat. :)

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            It's not completely vegetarian, but it does have a lot of vegetarian options.

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              I read that Pepper club was the old standby veggie place for many years-- will have to check it out on the next visit. I did pop into Silly's and really enjoyed the BBQ tofu wrap; very yummy and very filling. On my last day I tried the GRO Organic place for lunch and I have to say I was disappointed with the raw pizza, which was overloaded with their raw cheeze concoction. Their chocolate treats were good, though, if a bit pricey. I got the sense that they're still working out the kinks over there.

              Thanks again for all the suggestions! I hope to make it back up there soon-- I can't get over how many great restaurants Portland has in such a small, walkable space.

          2. The Great Lost Bear on Forest Ave offers a Portabello Mushroom Sandwich and Veggie Burgers! YUMMY...And The Green Elephant
            on Congress ALL VEGAN! The chef is a Master at what (he?) does!- Even a nonvegan / veggie would love it! Especially the 'cheese'cake

            The Great Lost Bear
            540 Forest Ave, Portland, ME 04101

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              Ditto on The Green Elephant: this non-vegetarian loves their food.