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Feb 28, 2010 11:55 PM

High Quality Inexpesive Organic Produce?

Hi! Is there any market that has really good produce (i..e.not the stuff at Trader Joe's which, whenever I buy it, suddenly I've become a bad cook) which is organic and lower cost? For Bay Area transplants, think Berkeley Bowl. For anyone who has not had a Berkeley Bowl in their lives, shame, as it's produce nirvana. I'm sick of spending a hundred dollars every time I go into Whole Foods. CSA delivery won't work for me, because it does actually matter what I get each week, and I can't always make it to the farmer's markets. Anyone have a hidden gem of a grocery store or produce market for organic goodies? Extra points for east side of town (i.e. proximity to Silverlake)!

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  1. I have gotten lettuce and carrots at the 99cent store that are organic, sometimes they have other items too. It is hit or miss.

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      I second this. I get Earthbound Farms organic lettuce almost every week at the 99 cents store.

    2. Try the Hollywood FM on Sundays.

      1. I haven't purchased much produce there - I tend to buy their meats and Dr, Bob's ice cream : ), but Figueroa Produce on York (by the 99ยข store) tends to have a nice organic section and well priced.

        Good luck!

        1. Nijiya is a japanese market that specializes in organic asian produce at good prices. Best deal is on mushrooms. there is one in little tokyo.

          1. Co-Opportunity in Santa Monica (16th & Broadway) has a good selection of organic produce at pretty good prices. They are nowhere near the size of Berkeley Bowl, but the produce is (almost) all organic so you don't have to double-check all the time like you do at Berkeley Bowl.

            To give you an idea of pricing, yesterday organic Braeburn apples were $1.49/lb, red beets were $2.59/bunch, yellow beets were $1.49/lb; crimini mushrooms are usually $4/lb (all organic).