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Feb 28, 2010 11:43 PM

Weekday lunch suggestions in Downtown Seattle (Pioneer Square/Financial District)?

Recently, I've started working again in downtown Seattle (specifically the Pioneer Square neighborhood, near First and Yesler) and although I've found a few good lunch spots from reading here and from some wandering around, I'd be interested to get some other ideas on what would be good to check out in the area. I already know about Salumi and Tat's near where I work (I'd like to try a few more things at Salumi, but the 30-minute lines make it tough to do too often) and I've found a couple of other decent places in the Financial District (Mel's Market on Third and Madison is one I enjoyed on a previous stint in downtown, and still seems to be pretty good.) I haven't had a chance to spend much time in the International District yet though.

I'd be interested to get suggestions for a few other places to try. Places in the Pioneer Square area would be ideal, but anything reasonably accessible from the bus tunnel would work as well.

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  1. Tamarind Tree, Saigon Deli, Seattle Deli, Green Leaf, Unicorn Crepe, Uwajimaya food court, etc

    1. I like Natalie's Seattle Deli recommendation. I love their Banh Mi. I also like Pho Bac for good cheap Pho. I have also been really enjoying Elliott Bay Cafe for a creative menu executed well. A few other tried and true lunch spots for me are Samurai Noodle, Bakemans and Cafe Zum Zum.

      Billy Bob

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        I second Billy Bob's recommendation of Bakeman's. It's an oldie, but a goodie. I don't get downtown much for lunch these days, but whenever I do, I head for Bakeman's, alternating between the turkey and the meatloaf sandwiches, and always including some of the rich, tasty turkey-noodle soup. Talk about comfort food!

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          Made it over to Bakeman's a couple of days ago (bit of a nondescript place, kind of easy to miss) and they've definitely got the day-after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich figured out at that place, and the soup was good too. Didn't get a chance to look around much due to the inherent rush in the line (goof thing I read up a bit ahead or the results could have been disastrous,) but I'll definitey need to go back and try some of the other stuff on the menu.

      2. MSG150 will give you a good idea of places in the ID.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll have to go try a few of these places. The place I'm working will avtially be moving a few blocks closer to the International District shortly, so I'll be able to get over there a bit more easily.

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            I'll probably be seeing you at Pho Bac...

          2. I used to work on that side of downtown and boy do I miss the lunch food! In addition to all the ID recs previously mentioned, some of my favs in that neck of the woods are zum zum, red bowls, zaina and mae phim. YUM.

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              Zum Zum = Yum Yum

              Ask him to serve you a combination of several of whatever's on the board that day.

              He's an accommodating fellow, and will feed you.

              Chick pea, lamb, spinach. What's not to like?...