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Feb 28, 2010 08:58 PM

The Dumpling House (W106th)

Haven't noticed this placed before but a small dumpling restaurant has opened on W106 near Brdwy. Has a variety of dumplings, soups, noodle dishes, curries, etc. Cute inside. Dumplings are on the expensive side. They also sell frozen dumplings. Did not try the dumplings yet but the scallion pancake with egg was quite good.

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  1. I'm in the middle of eating my first order from this new place. We got take out and don't think that's really the best way to make a fair assessment. But, just based on this delivery order, I'm thrilled with the new addition to the neighborhood!

    We ordered the pork and chives fried dumplings, the shrimp and pork steamed dumplings, the potato pancake, and the Shanghai dumpling soup. All are quite good. I think they'd be excellent right out of the kitchen. My toddler actually just squealed and climbed into my lap to get to the dumplings quicker -- nothing has inspired that in my chowpup -- not pizza, not ice cream, not candy. He gives East Dumpling House a huge thumbs-up.

    If I had to choose my favorite in this order, it would be the Shanghai Dumpling soup The dumplings aren't mushy from over cooking. They don't taste frozen. The soup, dumplings, and seaweed bring just the right comfort. I look forward to eating on premises. I'd love to hear others' response. Very reasonable and very good - and that's based on take-out conditions. Look forward to reading others experiences!