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Feb 28, 2010 08:11 PM

Group of 8 early 20s guys- recs?

I'm planning a birthday dinner for a friend from college visiting from LA (originally from NY) and am in charge of putting together a birthday dinner for him this Saturday. The crowd is a mix of extreme foodies (me) to a couple guys who wouldn't be able to tell Ippudo ramen from Ramen in the box. Birthday guy is looking for a place that is has great food but can support a really lively and loud table atmosphere. Cost is also a concern, as we would like to keep it under 50-60 a person with drinks. Neighborhood isn't really an issue, but would prefer south of midtown and in Manhattan (no Brooklyn). Thanks in advance for the help.

PS. Initial thoughts included Sammy's and Stanton Social but I'm sure I can come up with some more original ideas for places

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  1. A few places that might suit you: Hill Country, Blue Smoke and DGBG.

    1. Sammy's Roumanian? No way is that $50-$60 pp with drinks. Sammy's is expensive. And not fit for a foodie.

      Hill Country is a good idea.

      DBGB is not rowdy enough, nor is Blue Smoke.

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        My non-foodie friends always want to do the "frat-sushi" places that have 2 hours of unlimited sake bombs, beer and sushi. Those get very rowdy. The one on 52nd and 1st closed. I walked by another recently, but I can't remember exactly where.

        If you can get a Momofuku fried chicken reservation, that would definitely be a good idea (you could also do the bo ssam at Ssam Bar w/out worrying about the online system). I second Hill Country, and agree that Sammy's is going to be way more than 50-60pp.

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          <I walked by another recently, but I can't remember exactly where. >

          Satsko, possibly?

          1. re: small h

            Hmmm, maybe. I think the place looked trashier than Satsko.

          2. re: ChiefHDB

            great suggestions with Momofukus...will have to think this over

          1. at that price point, its best to do cuisine on the cheaper side, such as BBQ or Pizza. Arturo's pizza on Houston could work well, as could Hill Country as others have suggested.

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              Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I have narrowed it down to Cafe Asean, La Carbonara, and Mercadito tasting menu. List got narrowed down from Le Relais Venise d'Entrecote , Jimmy's No 43, Kuma Inn, and Otto. Anyone have thoughts about Cafe Asean, La Carbonara, or Mercadito?

                1. re: craft21

                  you get a LOT of food with the mercadito tasting menu. and it's delicious. mm the camaron tacos.