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Feb 28, 2010 06:41 PM


hey guys! i need some help-- I was wondering if anyone could give me some recommendations of a fun, trendy restaurant where i can bring some friends from Philly. We are all 21-22 so we dont want anything too expensive since extensive drinking will be involved. any suggestions?

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  1. Wo Hop @ 2 AM after the bar/club always impresses our out of town friends.
    17 Mott St. C-town
    Make sure you go downstairs.

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    1. re: Motosport

      Did that this weekend. The lo mein was OUT OF THIS WORLD...but it may have been because it was 2 am...

      1. re: stellastu

        I am sure there are many finer restaurants in Chinatown but at 2 AM everything at Wo Hop tastes great. If you were there Sunday @ 2AM we probably saw you. Here are a couple of pics of the dumplings and Wo Hop Special Lo Mein. Yummy!!

      1. i think your best bet is chinatown or pizza. For food I like Great Noodletown (not trendy at all though) or Motorino? You can also try Otto?

        1. you want a place where you can drink as well?
          Depending on how many ppl (its small) i reccomend cafe habana for cuban sandwiches and corn on the cob...

          1. crif dogs for cheap hot dogs, and then through the secret entrance to PDT for not-cheap cocktails. the secret door impresses the hell out of visitors.

            get so arepas to go from caracas arepas, and bring them up the block to blue and gold tavern for 3 and 4 dollar drinks.....